Mishawaka Magic with Magic Beans and Juno What?! - Mishawaka

Mishawaka Magic with Magic Beans and Juno What?!

Friday, May 26th made for a magical night at the Mishawaka, featuring four accomplished bands who tore up the stage for our Jammin’ up the Poudre event! The bands and crew were prepared for heavy rain, but the bad weather was fended off by sweet jams and good vibes.  

Amorphic, a four-piece band out of Fort Collins, was tasked with kicking off the night, and they delivered with soaring jams and deep grooves to get the crowd moving. Lead guitarist Caleb D’Aleo also celebrated his birthday by sharing epic riffs and melodies with the Poudre Canyon and its visitors! Not a bad way to celebrate!

Cycles followed suit, playing out unique, genre-bending tunes in a ‘power-trio’ format, with Patrick Harvey ripping guitar, Lucas Parker holding down the bass, and Luke Stone playing drums.

After recently emerging from a three-year hiatus, Juno What?! took the stage and gave the crowd a taste of their pop-funk, high-energy grooves. Fitted in sleek track suits and equipped with nontraditional instruments such as the talk box, the band offered a fresh and funky twist that had spectators moving and grooving.

The Magic Beans closed out the night with fan favorite tunes, epic stage production, and a feature from Juno What?! front man Joey Porter. The Beans truly brought magic to the Mishawaka stage and made Jammin’ up the Poudre a night to remember for band members and spectators alike.

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