Mish Initiative FAQs - Supporting Local Music in Colorado

Mish Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

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Mish’n Booster Questions:

Anywhere from $100 – $1,000 per application.

Absolutely! We will not review your application until the next application period opens in January.

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Fill out the mission booster application, click yes on silent auction, and fill in your address.

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We donate cash twice per year, and gift certificates year round. Let us know in your application what you are looking for.

The Mish Initiative committee takes Mishawaka’s values into consideration when awarding applicants.


The Mish Initiative intends to focus on Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

Mish Match Questions:

Mish will pay you $10 per hour for up to 10 hours per month for an approved volunteer project.

Fill out the application form which will be sent to Alana, we will let you know as soon as possible

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Mish will match up to $300 of money that the employee raises.

$300 a month and 10 hours per month

You must be on Mishawaka’s active payroll to take advantage for Mish Match

Mish Granted Questions:

We’d like to reduce the stress of the application process for a small grant by not constraining it with a hefty application. Use your creativity to get us on board with your project! Seriously, anything is acceptable as a submission. Hopefully it has some clever relationship to the request for money.

No the money is unencumbered EXCEPT we ask you to post on social media about the grant – that is the only request we have.

Ideally but if the request is musician related, you should give it a shot.

Email wishes@themishawaka.com for feedback on your grant application and if you’re eligible to apply next year.

Email us at wishes@themishawaka.com to set up a meeting in person or to share your docs via Dropbox/Drive etc.

1.) We do not judge art. We refuse to project our personal taste onto your creative expression.

2.) We are not concerned with the potential longevity of award recipients. The future is unknown to all of us.
3.) Every artist is reviewed as equally deserving. We feel we would be doing a great dis-service by only awarding well known musicians, everyone has to start somewhere and needs are relative.

4.) Roughly 50% of all applicants are in need of recording or album production funds. We favored applications that made us laugh with a fun video or concept.