2017 Mish Granted - Mishawaka

2017 Sponsorships

The 14ers $1,000 Fort Collins | for legal services to secure use of the band name |
The Medicine Men $1,000 Denver | towards the purchase of a second DJ controller and carrying case |
Whippoorwill $900 Fort Collins | for a music video |
Cary Morin $850 Fort Collins | cost to compete in the International Folk Alliance Festival |
Black Moon Howl $850 Denver | to develop a live art installation/interactive video element to go along with their live show |
Miscomunicado $800 Fort Collins | to purchase new merch, the profits of which will be used to purchase more instruments and move away from the use of a laptop |
Holdfast.       $800  Fort Collins | towards recording and the purchase of a decent frisbee |
Biophilia $750 Fort Collins | because these dudes REALLY needed some better amps |
I Am The Owl $750 Fort Collins | towards recording at the Blasting Room |
The Burroughs $750 Greeley | to cover about 1/2 the cost of printing their album on gold colored vinyl |
The Blend Chorus $750  Fort Collins | to buy 40 pairs of matching shoes. |
Lineage $750 Fort Collins | to develop press and marketing for his new musical partnership with his grandson. |
Wayne Wagner $750 Fort Collins | 20,000 + viewership |
Boss Eagle $700           Fort Collins | to cover some of the cost of printing physical CDs. |
Ten Letters $500          Fort Collins | to inject into a shared creative space PLUS we purchased one of the 12 input mixers from Cohere Bandwidth’s going out of business sale for them to use. |
Tyler T. $500          Fort Collins | to make his ride more suitable for tour. |
Wire Faces $500           Fort Collins | towards a music video from NoCoast. |
Gasoline Lollipops $500           Fort Collins | for a marketing intern’s assistance. |
Hello Dollface $500           Fort Collins | to put towards some environmentally conscious merch. |
Ecstatic Dance $300           Fort Collins | towards venue rental for sober dance events that re-connect people in this digital and social media world. |
Elisabeth Preitauer $200           Boulder | to record a “skep-tacular” song. |
 Household Collective $200           Fort Collins | toward DJ equipment. |
13 Nails $200           Fort Collins | for a day off to let the creative juices flow without worry. |