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Mish Granted Recipients 2019!

‘Tis the season of giving, and our Mish Granted committee is proud to present to you our Mish Granted recipients for 2019!  We gave away exactly $15,000 this year, and can’t wait to see what our recipients do with it! They have now all been notified, and will be receiving their funds in early 2020 to help launch their creative projects.  Without further adieu:

Post Paradise: Awarded $1,500 for the first music video for their album (they will be making one for each song!) 

Chess at Breakfast: Awarded $1,500 to upgrade home recording studio.

A laptop is an essential tool for modern musicians.  We had several heartfelt and creative requests for laptops this year, and did our best to honor them.

Aaron Marfizo: $900 towards a laptop

DJ Waddada: $900 towards a laptop

Bri Long / Longevity Productions: $900 towards a laptop

Beni Brosh: $800 to replace the Lenovo


Cactuscat: $800 towards recording their debut album.

YaBird: $780 towards the recording and mastering of their debut album

Porlolo: $750 so Erin can still buy toys for Christmas and use THIS money for recoding

Lucid Blues: $650 towards drum kit and Microhones

3420: $600 for new audio interface and drum mics

Grace Kuch: $600 for recording her album

Andrew Sachs: $500 for soundproofing his studio space

Home Fried Boogaloo: $500 for the mix and master fo their debut album

Eli Pointer: $420 for some crazy amp modeling technology. This will not cover 100% of the cost, but we anticipate Eli can part ways with one of his cool vintage amps after he’s modeled it!

Holdfast.: $400 for a new drum pad – we loved their full recreation of the Night Before Christmas

Septogram: $400 for getting their material stage ready

OhSix: $400 for recording their album

TrashCat: $350 to purchase baller outfits for their music video

Robert Shredford: $350 towards mastering their album once it’s complete

Courtney Hartman: $250 to help finish a music video

Chris Tholl: $250 towards Bluegrass instruments for a club at Fort Collins High School

Kayla Cupp: $150 to support her mission of getting instruments and cases to the homeless population

Michelle Roderick: $150 to hire an artist for his album cover

Chase Moore: $100 towards a tablet to streamline his poster creation for local artists

Kind Dub: $100 to sponsor an episode of their web series!

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