Mike Love Radiates Positivity with the Full Circle - Mishawaka

Mike Love Radiates Positivity with the Full Circle

Mike Love made his return to the Mishawaka with his band, The Full Circle, on Thursday, June 15 for an evening filled with wonderful people and vibes! With support from Keilana, a band member of the Full Circle, the group of artists created a safe haven for concertgoers this rainy evening. 

Setting the mood for the evening was Keilana, her music filled with soul created an intimate experience for fans. Patrons related to the songs influenced by both the ups and downs in life which let them know that no matter where they are in life now, that they are not alone, and we all have each other to rely on. The emotion in her music radiated into the crowd and set the perfect mood for her next appearance on stage with the full band. 

Mike Love & The Full Circle took the stage at 9:00 PM to begin their two-hour set. From the very beginning, Mike Love made it a priority for everybody in the crowd to know that we are all part of one family. The Full Circle is not just those playing instruments on the stage, but it is every single person that came to this event and lived together through music.

The band played through the whole evening and took listeners on a journey to a place without worries and full of love. The light rain that came and went through the evening was barely noticeable because The Full Circle made the sun shine through the night, and had the night feeling young again!

As the night came to its inevitable, yet unfortunate end, Mike Love took more time to share the moment with the crowd and played a few songs in a solo acoustic setting. The love that he shared with the crowd only grew stronger through the night, expressing how grateful he was to share this music and evening with every single person. The night was incredibly intimate and blissful, full of sharing stories, memories, and most importantly, music, that had every person in attendance feeling loved as they made their journeys back home. 



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