Lucero Rocks the Poudre 7.25.15 - Mishawaka

Lucero Rocks the Poudre 7.25.15

Whenever there’s a sold out show at the Mish, it’s always a special occasion. But when it’s a lineup that rocks harder than your grandpa on his porch chair, it’s a downright spectacle. Mosey West, The Yawpers, and the big-hitter Lucero put on a show that was so solid, I had trouble finding the words to describe it until now.

The day started with what could be described as perfect weather. A few clouds here and there, not too hot, a slight breeze, and plenty of sunshine were the conditions as Mosey West took the stage. The trio eased the crowd into the show with their unique, self-described “Psych-folkrock” sound. As the sun started to set, the Fort Collins natives wrapped up their mellow set, and made way for the night, and classic rock-n-roll.

Up next was the Yawpers, who exploded on to the stage with their fast paced rock numbers. The energy was amped up considerably, as the crowd flailed around wildly. There were even some friendly mosh pits that broke out, moshing that would’ve made the Dead Kennedy’s proud. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the set was front man Nate Cook’s filter, or lack thereof. Anything that came to his mind, no matter the vulgarity,was said directly into the mic. Not the best for the kids in attendance, but his raucous voice fit their style perfectly, and made for an excellent set.

As the Yawpers left the stage, night set into the canyon, and Lucero came out to steal the show. Their style of music is all over the boards; anything from country-punk, rock, blues, and rockabilly could be found in their songs. If you were to name any genre or style, Lucero probably played a song with said music type. The band of five played all of their hits, along with a number of lesser known songs from their repertoire, which made for an amazing two hour set. The sold out crowd ate it up, and cheered Lucero on for a moving encore. The night was certainly unforgettable, and we hope to see Lucero again in the near future.

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