LTJ BUKEM’s DnB Masterclass - Mishawaka

LTJ BUKEM’s DnB Masterclass

The Poudre Canyon was electrified this past Friday night with wonderfully crafted sounds from artists Blossom and sub-ID, alongside Drum and Bass legend LTJ Bukem accompanied by MC Armanni.

The evening was kicked off with a chill set from Blossom, where as you walked onto the lawn you were welcomed by warm, deep bass and vibrant lighting from the stage. While grabbing your food and drinks, alongside looking for the best view of the stage, these euphoric mixes set the mood for a night full of high vibes and great music. 

As the sun set, sub-ID (featuring members of STS9) took the stage and made it theirs. The duo had the crowd feeling like they were part of the synergy between the turntable and the five-string bass, blessing us with some of the nastiest basslines and bass drops the Poudre Canyon has ever experienced. 

The visuals that accompanied these performances were nothing short of spectacular, the rushing river water was at the same BPM as the music, the lighting from the stage brought the mountainside to life, the neon jewelry and cowboy hats showed our humanity, and the bubbles brought to us by our fans made the Mishawaka feel a little like heaven for the night. 

As the night progressed, we just couldn’t get enough of the music and as LTJ Bukem took the stage for his two-hour set, he made the night feel young again. LTJ Bukem showed up and showed out, as a legend in the Drum and Bass community fans came in with high expectations, and he far exceeded them displaying true mastery of his art. 

MC Armanni took the stage with LTJ Bukem and reminded us all why we were really there that evening. We drove up the canyon that evening to listen to the amazing music that these artists have created for us, yes, but MC Armanni reminded us that we were celebrating life. He preached that we woke up this morning and that is a beautiful thing, and to never take that for granted, we rose to spread positivity within ourselves and others in the culture through music, which is what a night at the Mishawaka has always been about.

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