Lord Huron 8.6.2015 - Mishawaka

Lord Huron 8.6.2015

The season of sellouts continued with a memorable performance from the popular indie rock group Lord Huron. The band performed at the Mish as one of their last stops on this leg of their “Strange Trails” tour, and boy, did they end it with a bang. A mellow, down-tempo bang, but a bang nonetheless.

The day started early, and the whole band had beat me up the canyon by around 9:30 AM. I had no idea who Lord Huron was, but I knew they were indie rock, which to my subconscious, meant that they would be snobby, uptight, and entitled. I ran into the green room, expecting to see an angry/upset band. Instead, no one was there. Turns out, the whole band was running around the Mish, exploring the canyon, checking out the river, and genuinely taking in the wonderful sights. I met Ben Schneider and Miguel Briseno first, the lead singer/guitarist and bassist, respectively. Ben had his camera out, and was busy snapping away in every direction. Both of them were the exact opposite of what I expected: friendly, courteous, and easy-going. Eventually, I met with Mark Barry (drums) and Tom Renaud(guitar), who were just as friendly as the rest of the band.

After sound check, the band put on a playlist of their own over the PA, which consisted purely of Metallica. (When you play nothing but mellow tunes, you have to amp it up occasionally) Soon after, doors had opened, and the show was underway. Behind the band was a large lighting fixture that said “Strange Trails”, along with additional LED lights for ambiance. Perhaps the coolest lighting upgrade was the LED light fixture that was placed at the base of the tree next to the stage. The lights were pointing up, which illuminated the stage tree to the very top with alternating colors. Huron played a modest set, consisting mostly of tunes off of their latest album, along with a few older hits. All in all, these guys blew me away. Not just because of their talent and showmanship, but also because of their overall demeanor and positive attitudes.


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