Longevity Productions: Transforming the SpokesBUZZ Lounge - Mishawaka

Longevity Productions: Transforming the SpokesBUZZ Lounge

Bri Long has been advancing and promoting music locally behind the scenes for years now.  In that time she has built her roster of artists to include some of the areas best performers. Bri also launched Longevity Productions in 2017, stepping her events up to include a number of sold out shows… on weeknights… with all local artists – no easy task!  We at the Mish were impressed to see our historic dancehall in the middle of the canyon transformed into a surreal nightclub.  We decided to follow up to find out what is next for Longevity Productions.Fullmetal and Chanel kicking off the Longevity Takeover on 3/31

Mish: What made you pick the Mishawaka for this event?

Bri:  I chose the Mishawaka for the Longevity takeover because it’s such an iconic piece of Northern Colorado history, all of my artists grew up going there and dreaming of playing on that stage. I’ve had some wonderful experiences there and have enjoyed building my relationship with the staff and venue owner.
Fullmetal – in the moment

Genetic Concepts

Mish: Did it live up to your expectations?  What was the highlight for you?

Bri: The highlight of my night had to be the smiles on the faces of my friend’s parents and friends as they watched the artist live out a life goal. Cheesy I know.

Mish: Not cheesy at all, that’s why we do what we do.  What’s next for Longevity?

Bri: We have an incredible month lined up full of events, something happening every weekend in April. After April, we hope to boost our production quality with more stage production, release a merch line, and keep packing venues!

Thanks to Bri Long and all the artists, drivers and Mishawaka staff that made a memorable evening. 
Bass ProphetsBoom Dispensary (TwoScoops and Jimeni)

ELCTRX – closing it downAll photos by Sunny Side Production.  For full gallery of the evening visit: Sunny Side Production

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