Live on the Lanes: September Recap - Mishawaka

Live on the Lanes: September Recap

Solsatellite at 100 Nickel

This Saturday at 100 Nickel was full of talent. Fiamore started the night out with some R n B music. Fiamore is a 6 piece band with a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and 2 lead singers. They had a great set with a lot of love songs that had the crowd swooning. They are definitely a band to check out and get familiar with if you haven’t heard them before. They are all students and growing with their music every day! Solsatellite brought the energy to a close-out that night. They are a 5 piece band with a drummer, key player, bassist, guitarist, and a lead singer. They did a great job throughout their set and it was a pleasure to have them back at 100 Nickel with their face-melting guitar solos and powerful vocals. If you didn’t get to see these bands tonight, make sure you watch for their upcoming shows and get out to one of those!

  • Written by Saige Dean

Hoveryfly at 100 Nickle

The first band of the evening was Curt Claudio. This was a three-piece band consisting of guitar, vocals, bass, and drums. They mostly played Alternative Rock but included a wide range of influences throughout their set. They would have songs that would start out sounding like a Folk ballad that would turn into Grunge a minute later. The fact that they were able to make these huge shifts so effortlessly was really impressive and engaging. 
Next up we had Tonic & Time, a four-piece with two guitars, bass, vocals, and drums. Also, the majority of the band was female, which is always awesome to see. They opened up with a really cool Rock cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton. I always love hearing a song covered in a totally different genre than its original. Their whole set was super fun and high-energy. It included a lot of never-before-heard music that they had written while on a hiatus for the Summer. The best part of the night was when they brought up a little girl from the audience for their last song and had her participate in some of their songs. 
The headlining band was Hoverfly. This was their third time returning to the lanes and they featured guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. They ended the night off strong with a super high-energy set. Their sound was definitely more Pop-Rock than the other bands, but still maintained the same crowd engagement that the previous two bands did. They also brought their own projector and had some really cool visuals playing behind them that synced up to the beat and lyrics. 
  • Written by Ben Jablonski 

Iron Prophecy at 830 North

Hailing from Portland Oregon, Iron Prophecy and Coloso brought vibes of peace and unity to 830 North as soon as they walked into the building. The positivity continued to ring through the lanes, as fans and friends from all walks of life came together on the dance floor. This performance felt less like a concert, and more like a venue for a community celebration. Hands were in the air, swaying to sweet, original reggaeton music.

  • Written by Laura Steadman

Pacific Dub at 830 North

Pacific Dub, a band known for their captivating reggae-infused sound, brought in a lovely diverse group of music lovers, who found themselves caught up in the infectious rhythm of Pacific Dub and Tunnel Vision’s original compositions and covers. The result was spectacular. A night that felt less like a typical concert and more like a spontaneous gathering of friends and fans.

  • Written by Tre Delossantos

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