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Live on the Lanes Recap: What We’ve Been Up To

The Ephinjis at 100 Nickel

The first band of tonight was The Long Bright Dark, playing their first-ever show (although it definitely didn’t sound like it). They were a pretty standard three-piece band consisting of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals from the bassist. This set was a super strong start to the night. It had everything from punk covers to early 2000s early-sounding rock originals. 

Next up we had Brandywine, which is a four-piece band made up of two guitars, bass, vocals, and drums. They started off their set with a ton of energy and maintained it the whole night, which the crowd absolutely loved. They had a really interesting sound that I can only describe as if The Smiths were a punk band. 

After that, Mr. Knobs took the stage. Their instrumentation was definitely an interesting switch-up from the previous two bands. They had a lead singer running effects on her voice, as well as a synth and sampler, a violin player running through a crazy pedalboard, and then bass and drums. It’s difficult to even classify what they played in a genre, but it was some kind of blend of Electronica, New Wave, and Alternative Rock. They were definitely one of the most unique bands we’ve had here and one of my personal favorites.

The Ephinjis closed out the show performing all brand new songs from their EP, which was released that night. The second they started playing, about half the bowling alley (including myself) all rushed down to the dance floor. Their music clearly drew a lot from 90s Rock like Weezer, Modest Mouse, etc., however, they also had a really cool 80’s Punk influence to their sound which made their presence super engaging. As a bonus, they all had matching black suits which I think really was the cherry on top for the night. 

  • Written by Ben Jablonski

Dreamspace Database at 830 North

Psychedelic Jam Duo, Dreamspace Database, hosted one killer show at the lanes this month as a celebration of the release of their brand new album ‘Rendered Real’.

Denver-based band Space Force started the night hot with an intense blend of funk and jazz.  This 5 piece is a typical rock n roll engine room of guitar bass and drums but then features dueling saxophones that act somewhat as the frontmen for this all-instrumental troupe.  Trading solos back and forth and delivering hard-hitting melody hooks in harmony, the sax really brings a classy vibe to some dirty funk.

Next, we saw the Greeley-based band Jellyfish Farm bring the room to a boil.  This 5 piece band is a prog math rock band reminiscent of Chon and the likes, but what sets it off is that the 5th member is a trumpet player.  It’s a really interesting sound to hear trumpet on as the band winds through odd time signatures, heavy breakdown riffs, and melodic and syncopated themes. Definitely a fresh sound that comes from things familiar!

So as mentioned, this event was all about the release of Dreamspace Database’s Debut full-length album ‘Rendered Real’.  Released on all platforms on May 11, 2024 (the day of the show), this album represents the culmination of years of the band’s work. A Northern Colorado-based duo, Jerry and Sid have been honing their craft together for years now.  Jerry’s phonetic drumming combined with Sid’s looping mastery creates a jam-heavy sound that explores corners of music and genres very intimately.  Sid plays bass and keyboard parts, looping and layering to create their deep soundscapes.  They played the new album, which was amazing, but a big highlight was definitely their cover of Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”.  Check these guys out next time you get a chance and make sure to give their new record a spin!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Blankslate and Rosebay at 100 Nickel

Rosebay started out the night with upbeat surf-infused indie rock. Their four-piece lineup includes drums, two guitars, and vocals. The vocals swapped between the lead and guitarist, keeping the audience engaged and listening. They started the night off strong with their punk riffs, tight drums, and strong vocals. 

Blankslate is comprised of a three-piece with a drummer/keyboardist, guitarist/bassist, and vocalist, all in matching suits and ties. They impressively played two instruments at one throughout their set, while still keeping time and staying in key. Their songs ranged from pop-punk-inspired to slower ballads. They rocked the night, leaving the audience something to remember.

  • Written By Annalee Knies

Mickey Avalon at 830 North

Mickey Avalon, Yes THAT Mickey Avalon, brought his unique flavor of hip hop to Fort Collins for the Lanes.

The night started with 3 local hip-hop acts.  The first two acts, JD the MC and Cam Piper were both giving their debut performance on the lanes.  The third act, No I in Team, was no stranger to the Fort Collins scene.  This duo act has been performing on the front range for over half a decade now.  Their set is filled with humor and attitude and does the thing well without having any sense of being serious.

Mickey Avalon’s music has been featured in a lot of famous movies and TV shows from the mid-2000s including “The Hangover”, “Harold and Kumar” and “We’re the Millers”. His DJ took the stage first and hyped up the crowd for Mickey.  Mickey then came out with his backup dancer and the crowd was crazy for him.  He performed all his classics in addition to a bunch of new material he’s released in recent years, as most of those hit songs were from about a decade ago.  The set ended with an encore of his most famous song “My D***”.  If you don’t know the song in question just look up Mickey and it’ll be the first thing that comes up.

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Half Zen at 100 Nickel

On May 11th the enlightened beings of Broomfield and the surrounding area ascended to 100 Nickel to catch the album release of Half Zen. These distinguished gentlemen chose to take the early slot and let the wonderful Sunrise Drive close out the night, but only after they unleashed their new sound upon the citizens of the world. They delivered a great performance with cranked guitars and pounding drums underneath driving vocals. Afterward, Sunrise Drive took the stage and closed out the night with a wonderful set led by beautiful singing and intense stage presence.

  • Written by Max Doucette

The Anklebiters at 2454 West

This show was a Friday night performance from two local indie rock acts. The evening started off with a set from 2454 West regulars, The Cowards. In what was one of the band’s final shows, this iconic trio put on a performance that wowed the crowd of adoring fans. With a mix of covers of legendary indie hits and originals, both old and new, there was something for everybody in this hour-long set, which served as a perfect lead-in for the headlining act. In their second show at 2454 West, The Anklebiters returned with even more energy than they had before. This band of college students drew a crowd of fans that were just as energetic as them, performing a thrilling 90-minute set full of alt-rock for the ages, including a few premier performances. Overall, this show was a must-see for any indie fans in the area.

  • Written by Tim Falin

The Bluelligans at 2454 West

This show was a Saturday night performance from Colorado-based blues band, The Bluelligans. Opening the night was the Purple Blues, who set the scene with a set of classic-sounding blues guitar riffs and solos. Following them was the headlining act, The Bluelligans, who kept the energy going with a locked-in rhythm section to back some incredibly tasteful guitar playing. Overall, this show was a great time.

  • Written by Tim Falin

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