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Live On The Lanes: November Recap

Guicammo Turra at 830 North

On Thursday, November 2nd we had the pleasure of having Giacomo Turra with Shtonk perform at 830 North!

Shtonk is a 5 piece band with a drummer, saxophonist, trumpet players, and more. We already had about 50 patrons in the room by the time they hit, which was great. It has been some time since Shtonk last played here and they were extremely happy to be back.

This brass band gave us a 90s night playing some great hits. They had the whole crowd singing along and dancing. Frankly, Shtonk was wonderful, it felt like taking a trip to New Orleans! They had great crowd control, and even got people dancing in the pit!

Giacomo Turra rolled in right at 9:15 with some very ‘synthy’ vibes. This five-piece band gave us a sweet taste of jazz-funk fusion. As soon as they began performing, a group of about 20 people rushed to the pit. Pretty soon a dozen more joined.

Everyone danced along to their music for the entirety of their set. These patrons were some pretty big fans, I even overheard a few patrons that said they flew in from out of state for this show.

The headliners, Giacomo Turra, are an Italian band with a drummer, bassist, guitarist/vocalist, saxophonist, and pianist. Their saxist absolutely went off and serenaded the entire room. They sang most if not all their songs in English including a few covers by Mac Miller!

It was a night packed with funk and jazz, the crowd was completely engaged – can’t ask for a better evening than that. 

  • Written by Manny Abel

The Henhouse Prowlers Make Their Return to 830 North With Pert Near Sandstone

This past Thursday, November 9, the Henhouse Prowlers made a stop to play Live on The Lanes at 830 North on their Globe Prowlers Tour! The bluegrass group brought along Pert Near Sandstone as support to play a night full of dancing, stories, soul, and wonderful music!

The band attracted a new crowd to the lanes…For many, it was their first time at a Live on The Lanes production. Between the food, drinks, games, bowling, and of course live music in the middle of the lanes, it was a special experience that you can’t get just anywhere! It didn’t matter if you were right in front of the stage, at the bar, or bowling on a lane on the far side of the venue, the intimate space made it so you were able to clearly watch the bands perform from anywhere and listen to the music with full clarity.

Kicking off the night was Pert Near Sandstone, a four-piece bluegrass group hailing from Minneapolis with two decades of experience playing lively and engaging music at hundreds of venues. The group rocks out to the songs that they have been perfecting for years and jam out to the raw soul and feeling of the night, feeding off of the energy the crowd is giving back to them on stage. For an hour and 15 minutes, the band played so hard and with so much passion, that guitar strings were broken in the middle of songs and any regular person attempting their songs would have blistered fingers, and it was truly incredible to watch these men pull off this feat of musical excellence!

After Pert Near Sandstone finished up their set, the Henhouse Prowlers swiftly took the stage and kept this show on the road! The Henhouse Prowlers are also a four-piece bluegrass band, they have been playing together for 17 years and in this time have gained global influence playing hundreds of shows a year on every continent around the globe! Their songs have incredible depth, telling the stories of their lives, the stories of those they have met around the globe, the stories of the most beautiful of sights and the most heinous of crimes, with emotion that can only be expressed by those who have lived it themselves.

This Thursday night the Henhouse Prowlers played an hour-and-a-half-long set that took you on a journey around the globe telling those stories that hit you right in the soul. That doesn’t go without saying that the music was equally entertaining as it was impactful, these men are true masters of their craft and play the most complicated compositions of music with seemingly so little effort. With deep upright bass that you could feel throughout your body, the crisp guitar that created depth within the song, both a mandolin and banjo that brought the soul out of the music, and perfect harmonization of all four members’ voices, it created a bluegrass experience that can only be described as perfect.

  • Written by Brad Campbell

Lyrics Born Pack 830 North on Their Final Night of Tour!

This past Saturday on December 2nd, Lyrics Born took the stage at 830 North to conclude their North American Tour with support from artists Thin Air Crew, Wasteland Hop, and DJ THC. It was many of the artists’ first times playing a Live On The Lanes event and playing a set on a bowling alley for a unique experience you can only get in Northern Colorado! From the beginning of the night, Lyrics Born and the other acts had the venue filled with fans there for the night of live music ahead of them, every bowling lane was filled, every seat at the bar was occupied, and the dancefloor was full and radiating anticipation for an exciting night of live music!

DJ THC began the night with a live mixing set that set the mood for the evening, with hip-hop tracks from the 90s and early 2000s that everybody knows and loves, giving people a look into what the next acts were going to hold. Wasteland Hop took the stage afterward with an incredible display of hip hop with a full band leading behind it. Drums, keys, guitars, violin, and two vocalists make for a deep and powerful sound that is unique and one that not many adopt in the scene. The crowd was ready after Wasteland Hop finished up their set, and in preparation of the headliner we had the infamous Thin Air Crew take the stage to bring up the energy for the night even higher! The Duo that makes the crew absolutely threw down on the stage, they brought so much energy and intensity which drew the rest of the crowd from the lanes to the dancefloor for the act everybody had been waiting for, Lyrics Born.

As soon as the band took the stage the crowd was dancing and applauding the group they had been waiting for all night, and then once Lyrics Born himself ran on stage, the crowd erupted! The energy that they had at the beginning was carried on through the entire night, Lyrics Born was feeding off of their energy, and they were feeding off his. The rest of the night was spent playing iconic tracks like, “Callin’ Out,” “I Changed My Mind,” and “I Like It, I Love It” which everybody in attendance knew, and sharing the energy that was expressed through the music, spreading the message of positivity and love to everybody in the crowd that evening. Through it all, at the end of the night, it still felt like it had just started, and it made for an unforgettable night with Lyrics Born.

  • Written by Brad Campbell

Built To Last at 100 Nickel

We were lucky to have Built to Last at 100 Nickel this Saturday night. They were a 5-piece Grateful Dead cover band. They brought out an active crowd with lots of bowlers and lots of dancers. The band was made up of drums, bass, keys, 2 guitars, and everyone except for the drummer did a little singing during the show. It was a great night with lots of great music. If you missed this show make sure to check them out some other time, they are a rocking crew of guys.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Devon Worley at 2454 West

On the road from Minneapolis, MN, Devon Worley and her band took to the 2454 stage in Greeley CO on a chilly Saturday evening. After a short and sweet ambient introduction, this ferocious four-piece with a spot on rhythm section and shreddy guitarist got the party started with a southern rocking good time! With their self described “raw edge of country and rock” attitude, they kept the crowd locked in with solid originals showcasing Devon’s and her bands talents and musical range while they sprinkle in some fresh Led Zeppelin covers where Devon nails that iconic Plant vocal style.

Beyond their ability to crush musically, they had some entertaining tricks up their sleeve like the top notch extra production and aesthetics, as well as their drummer whipping out a trumpet mid song to play with one hand while he doesn’t miss a beat on the drums with the other hand. It’s a good bet that everyone left that show with a smile that night. I’m not the biggest country rock fan, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next time the Devon Worley Band is passing through.

Show rating: 🤠🤠🤠🤠 / 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • Written by Sid Jackson

High Country Heartbreakers at 2454 West

This show was a Friday evening performance from the local cover band, High Country Heartbreakers. This 5-piece recreation of the legendary Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers played two sets of classic tunes from the band that were sure to entertain audiences both young and old. The group played a varied selection of hits like “American Girl” and “Free Fallin’”, interspersed with some of Tom Petty’s deeper cuts. Throughout the night, the twangy, country-inspired guitars and nostalgic vocal harmonies gave the decades-old songs new life. After finishing the evening with an encore of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, the band left the audience feeling transported.

  • Written by Tim Falin



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