Live on the Lanes: Music, Cosmic Bowling, & Good Times - Mishawaka

Live on the Lanes: Music, Cosmic Bowling, & Good Times

The Ephinjis at 830 North

August 24th at 830 North, the stage was wiped away in black ties and pinstripes as The Ephinjis arrived. The audience was swept up in the awesome raucous noise, and their openers provided a similar effect.

Sunrise Daydream is a powerful rock quartet with music reminiscent of Royal Blood. Strong and bluesy female vocals keep right up with the jagged synth lines and drum grooves. The songwriting is thoroughly riff-driven, with an affinity for dramatic and dynamic moments. The 4 piece does not feature a guitarist, the unconventional tones of the bass and keys fill out space in an infectious and groovy way.

The Bad Roommates somehow lived up to their name. With an eccentric and gruff sensibility, the crowd chanted along to their dizzy musings with fists pumping.

Hotel Wifi makes emo ska music, with fender mustangs, rickenbacker basses and My Bloody Valentine t-shirts. I watched a girl fall hard in her ultra-high platforms, sit down next to me to fling them off, declaring her love for the band before skittering back to the bowling alley dance floor. 

Once again, the party was alive, just another Wednesday at 830 North.

  • Written by Laura Steadman

Emo Bowling Night at 100 Nickel

The August 24th show with Totem Pocket featuring Father Help Me, Origami Summer, and Push Pass was an awesome show with an even better turnout. The theme of the night was ‘Emo Bowling Night,’ and the bands had great energy and stage presence.

Father Help Me kicked off the night with a really high-energy set. They are all very talented musicians and they did a fantastic job at warming up the crowd. The second band, Push Pass, played an incredible set (including a Weezer cover!) and had awesome stage presence. The third band, Origami Summer, played a very different set than the other bands. While they played an Indie-emo set, the vocalist has a powerful range as well as aggressive growls that gave them a very unique sound in contrast with the other acts. And lastly, Totem Pocket played a very theatrical and continuous sounding set.

The crowd was very engaged with the performance and the band didn’t hold back on showcasing their raw talent. Overall, the Emo Bowling Night was loads of fun and brought a great vibe to the venue!

  • Written by Gavin Field

Airshow & High Country Hustle at 830 North

Nashville’s Airshow joined up with Durango Colorado natives, High Country Hustle, at 830 North for a night full of Bluegrass.  High Country played Mishawaka in 2021 with Tenth Mountain Division and had come up from southern Colorado recently to play Live on the Lanes in Broomfield in February, but this was their debut at 830 North.  Having formed while in college in Durango, a lot of folks in the room were alumni friends who had moved to Northern Colorado after school.  High Country was a taste of traditional bluegrass, with a traditional style lineup, but very modern songwriting and approach to jamming.

It was Airshow’s first tour in Colorado and they made it up to Fort Collins after a hot Cervantes show. While having most of the elements of a traditional bluegrass band, they also had a powerful drummer and used a plethora of interesting effects that took the instrumental sections from straight-ahead grass to full psychedelic jam band.  Their choice of covers also exhibited their musical diversity while playing things that seemed in line like Widespread Panic and John Prine all the way to artists like Abba.  Can’t wait to have this rowdy bunch back!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Sauce.K at 2454 West

This show was a Saturday night rap concert performed live on the lanes. The night was full of excitement and fun music. Hosted by a local DJ, a rotation of 8 different artists took turns performing their music to an eager crowd. From slower, melodic rap, to old-school hip-hop, to more modern, mainstream trap beats, all varieties of the genre were welcomed with open arms and open ears. The main event of the night was a performance from local rap star, Sauce.K. His set, which included some newer songs along with his most popular tracks, kept the crowd moving all the way to the end. Overall, this show was a great time for the artists and the fans, and helped to showcase the vibrant rap scene in Greeley.

  • Written by Tim Fallen

Sarah Adams & Friends at 100 Nickel

All three bands this Saturday rocked 100 Nickel. Mr. Knobs started out the night and gave an awesome performance. They were a very creative three-piece band and we think everyone should see them perform. They had a great stage presence and they added some really fun elements and different instruments like the theremin into their performance. Jack Campbell & The Headmess came on next and played an awesome set too. They were a five-piece band with a lot of spunk and a creative sound. Make sure to check them out next time you see their name! Sarah Adams & Friends ended the night with such an awesome set. They had a really great energy and her vocals were so awesome. Make sure to check out all three of these bands! They are really great indie bands & worth giving a listen.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Author of Your Downfall at 2454 West

This show was a Friday evening performance from a series of local prog rock bands. First up on the stage was Gamma Paw, whose high energy songwriting got the night off to an electric start. Next up was Void Lung, a heavier, darker group that kept the night moving with dense, droning instrumentals and growling vocals. Finally, Author of Your Downfall made a return appearance to the 2454 West stage, entertaining their loyal fans with an hour of complex time signatures and even more complex guitar riffs. Overall, the night was full of heavy music and an excited atmosphere.

  • Written by Tim Fallen

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