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Live on the Lanes: May Recap

Wicked Vixen at 830 North

What happens when you mix rock n roll with electric violin? Something truly wicked.”  This is the mission statement by local rockers Wicked Vixen who joined us on the lanes on May 27th.  The night got started with “The Implications”, who are a Fort Collins local powerhouse trio.  Heavy guitar riffs and ambient vocal melodies.  They got the night started with their heavy vibes before we segued into the next act, Cerise Sprague and the Sol Babes. Cerise brought a very different flavor to the night to break up the heavy rock vibes.  Cerise is some what new to the NOCO area and moved out here after spending years in LA.  In LA, Cerise said she was a hired gun on bass and played a lot of Beatles and other things out there.  After leaving California to come to Colorado she has started her own band, but you can still hear all the pop and blues work she did in her current music.  Definitely recommend checking her and her awesome band out.  Wicked Vixen was the last to take the stage.  They are truly a unique force.  Their fem powered lead, Zee, not only has some seriously powerful vocals, but is also an incredible violinist.  Her violin is a 7 string violin with frets.  Never seen anything like it.  She plays it through a litany of guitar pedals and out of a guitar amp.  It shreds!!!  Thats all i can say.  At one point she was playing part of Van Halens “Eruption”, and took almost all of the solos on every song.  The whole band is just an incredible rock platform for Zee to really shine.  You need to see these folks shred and we can’t wait to have them back on the lanes.

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Meet Me @ The Altar at 830 North

Meet me @ the Altar totally rocked the lanes on the eve of Pride Month, while on their first national headliner tour.  On tour with these 3 ladies were Kid Sistr and Chloe Lilac.  Chloe Lilac, based out of LA, started the night off with her killer band.  They had some serious Paramore vibes, and brought so much raw energy to their music. Next was Kid Sistr, who was also an all ladies power trio.  Their sound, while having some of the pop punk elements that the other 2 bands mainly consisted of, they also had some slow downed ambient spaces and psych rock sounds.  Meet Me @ the Altar was last and had the eager crowd hanging on every word they sang.  They said that they were out to dismantle the rock stereotypes out there.  Formed by 3 people in different states over the internet, they’ve come together to form a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh and their songs create a warm and safe place for everyone to be whoever they want to be with no judgement.  We loved their vibe and we loved their message.  They even played a killer Alanis Morrisette cover!  These ladies are going far so keep your eyes on them!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Addie Tonic at 100 Nickel

Saturday night at 100 Nickel was one for the books. There were three bands playing and they were all rockin. The girl power was strong with all 3 bands having female leads. The first band that played was 3 Hole Punch. They started the night out with a really great set. They were a three person band to fit well with the name. They played some covers, and some originals that were all in the rock genre. They got everyone in the crowd excited for what was going to come. Pilot the Machine came on next and they played a great set. They were also a 3 piece rock band. They had some more heavy rock and some more soft rock towards the end of the set. Their fan section was poppin’ off with fist pumps and head banging. Addie Tonic closed the night out with an awesome set. They were a female lead band and she had killer purple hair. It was an awesome rock set and everyone in the crowd loved it. This was a great show and everyone in the crowd loved it.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Refocuz n’ Friends at 100 Nickel

Friday, May 26th was a night to remember at 100 Nickel. The DJ’s all had great energy and the audience was feeding off of it. The first DJ was Lodo. Her set had heavy bass and it had a good mix of songs that the crowd knew and loved. It was fun to have her start the night off strong and get the audience ready for the next 5 performers. Adin was the next performer and he got the audience onto the dancefloor. Everyone really enjoyed his bass heavy set and he even brought some friends on stage with him. Mvtty was the third performer of the night and the audience loved his set. It was more downtempo than the others and the crowd was able to just vibe out and groove to his music. It was a good way to break up the heavy bass sets that went on before. Badaboom went on next and brought the heaters. You could see lots of smiles and tell that they all were his good friends – everyone was feeding off each other’s energy and having fun. Kriz Alexandro came on next and had a great vibe during his set. He brought a lot of energy and a lot of fun remixes to popular songs. The crowd loved his set and it got them all ready to go for the headliner of the night. Lastly, Refocuz closed out the show. A lot of people came out to watch him and he made it really fun for all of them. There were cool samples in his set and he changed the vibe up a little bit from the others. This was a great way to spend Friday and if you missed it tonight, make sure you’re here next time there is an EDM night at 100 Nickel.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Stereo Ontario at 2454 West

This concert was a performance from three psychedelic rock bands. The night started with a performance from the Graveyard People, a quirky two-piece group whose energetic, irreverent comedy songs kept the crowd on their toes. They were followed by local duo Dreamspace Database. This band kept the night going with their spacey, psychedelic jams and the smooth transitions between songs made the whole set feel like one cohesive piece of music. After the funky synths and relaxed grooves of Dreamspace Database, the night finished off with the heavy guitar riffs and hard rock beats of Stereo Ontario. This trio are no strangers to the 2454 stage, and this performance was a welcome return. Their hour-long set of powerful rock tunes energized the room through the end of the show. Overall, this concert was an exciting night of local music that left the audience wanting more.

  • Written by Tim Falin

The Diabolics at 2454 West

This show was a Saturday night performance from Colorado-based band, The Diabolics. The evening started with a return from The Cowards, a local band who were playing their second Live on the Lanes concert. Their fun, indie rock songs brought an upbeat vibe to the venue and got the night off to a great start. The show continued with a set from Knuckleball, a five-piece band who brought a very unique energy with their use of both a drummer and a percussionist. Finally, The Diabolics took the stage to end the night, performing an intriguing set of country-inspired rock songs that kept the audience having fun through the rest of the show. Overall, the concert exhibited some excellent musicians and provided endless entertainment.

  • Written by Tim Falin

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