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Live on the Lanes: March Recap

Kyle Smith w/ Luna Shade at 830 North

Kyle Smith proved that 90’s Skater punk and Ska is alive and strong in Fort Collins and beyond.   The night was started by local reggae hero’s Luna Shade.  Luna Shade has been playing in town for years now, but they have really come a long way in shaping their roots and dub style reggae.  With all the LS hats and shirts in the room it was clear that Foco has a real soft spot for these fellas.

Kyle Smith and his crew were some of the most gracious and kind folks that we have ever had the pleasure to host here  Live on the Lanes at 830 North.  The Family vibes were strong in the room with folks that came from all over the place to see Kyle’s only Colorado show on this leg of his tour.  People joined us for their first times ever coming from Denver, Boulder, and even some from as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico. His connection with his fans was deep and genuine and even with a couple hundred people in the room it seemed like a house party where the band knew everyone.

Kyle and his Ventura California based band brought nothing but positive and high energy to the room with their raw skater punk energy, and Kyle’s openness and permeating message of his own story of recovery was incredibly inspiring.  The night was super uplifting and the crowd left closer than they were when they got to the show.  Lots of group hugs!  We love Kyle Smith!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Tejon Street Corner Thieves & Them Coulee Boys at 830 North

Them Coulee Boys came all the way from Wisconsin to perform some incredible Blue Grass tunes. This show marks the beginning of a tour along side Tejon. Their vocals were so solid along with rhythm and beat of the drums, fiddle and banjo. They got the crowd going and set the night up perfectly for Tejon.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves came in strong with a snippet intro introducing their band. Immediately, about 30 patrons rushed the pit. Tejon not only has some of the best crowd interaction but said make some of the funniest comments. Their song lyrics are comedic but it brings the energy up and keeps the crowd loyal to the set.

  • Written by Manny Abel

Too Tru Takeover at 2454 West

As the impulsive weather continued to chill the town of Greeley, we were staying warm inside 2454 West with some fire beats and heavy bass to keep us moving! Traveling from all around, the Too Tru crew really brought their all and took over the venue with their musical presence.

Jaylay got things started off, bringing in melodic and moving tunes blended with a perfect dose of wubs in the subs. Just as we all were sucked into the set from the mesmerizing melodic tunes, Jaylay raises the bar bringing in his soulful voice and positive lyrics to the table while he sings over his curated beats and entertains an entire bowling alley solo!

Next up was Crisptoazt, and within seconds of him hitting the decks, he had the whole place jumping to his signature party classics and modern bass mix ups. The easily groovable grimey bass on top of catchy dance tunes that we all know from far off memories was definitely a highlight of the night.

Following that was Tall Oaks who brought some nice contrast to the evening with vibey atmospheric valleys blended with energetic and drum-packed peaks. Living up to his name, Tall Oaks takes you on a journey through towering woods that obscure the path ahead – you won’t know what’s on the other side until it has already arrived and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time!

Smokey was next on stage, contributing some crunchiness and chaos with heavy bass bits that were as enjoyable to dance to as they were to bowl along to! Just as you think it could not get much better, Smokey pulls out a secret weapon he had been patiently reserving and blows some minds with some amazing spinning and scratching to top off his set. 

Finishing up the night, we had Marsh Valley throw down an epic set of heavy hitters and navigated us through a plethora of bass bastions and vibrant electronic soundscapes. While bowlers were moving and grooving Marsh Valley was keeping the tunes engaging and entertaining as the obvious cherry on top of an awesome night!

  • Written by Sid Jackson

The Royal RumBOWL at 2454 West

This show was the first day in a two-day event put on by Blast ‘N Scrap. The night began with the 4 bands competing in a bowling competition to determine the order they performed in, interspersed with bits of classic WWE-style trash talk on-stage. The first band to play was Seige Perilous, a 4-piece heavy rock band. They were a great way to kick off the night, starting off with a loud, energizing 30-min set. Up next was Los Toms, a much more experimental group. Their unusual guitar tones, unique vocal effects, and punk-inspired lyrics made for a uniquely memorable experience. After Los Toms came Underseer, a heavy metal band that kept the energy going as the night started to come to a close. Finally, Sweet Alyssum played the last set of the night, giving a strong closing performance that left the audience wanting more. Overall, the show was full of lively, unique performances that worked together to make for an entertaining night.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Rock & Roll Playhouse Plays the Music of The Grateful Dead at 100 Nickel

The Rock & Roll Playhouse was a big hit at 100 Nickel this Sunday afternoon. The kids, the parents, and the band all had a great time and enjoyed the great covers. The band did Grateful Dead covers and the crowd was all enjoying dancing to these hits. It was a great turnout with a lively crowd. The ages of kids ranged from babies to about 6 years old. They all danced with their parents and some were even dressed in tie-dye to fit in with the Grateful Dead theme. The parachute game was the big hit of the day for the kids and the parents had fun with it too. It was great that Rock & roll playhouse brought a fun game to get all the kids involved. This was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon for families and friends.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Psychedelic Saturdays at 100 Nickel

Psychedelic Saturday was a show to remember at 100 Nickel on March 11th. The show was vibrant, unique, and visual. These shows are great for people who want to listen to music, but also look at visuals. Psychedelic Saturday is also perfect for a crowd that likes to bring out their light up hula hoops and props to dance with. The DJs tonight wore pretty casual outfits, but the audience had a lot of bright colored clothes and some even had fun mermaid looking costumes on. There were a lot of fun hats that people had crocheted too. The merch room was full of vivid colored hats and fun pins that people seemed to really like.

The first performer Avrge Joe had an ambient feel to his music and it started the night off on the right foot. His music fit well with the visuals behind him that were putting off a trippy and chill effect for the crowd. Howhippie was a great performer. He kept the crowd excited and he mixed a lot of great songs into his set. Some of his songs had more of a rap feel, but most were staying with a bass heavy vibe. The visuals added to his set by making it more trippy and entertaining to watch.

Dopel was a great bass heavy performer. He had his own visuals which were really cool so that he could show himself off and promote himself. He got a couple people out on the dance floor to enjoy the show and dance around while he played. Dream Pusha closed the night out with his set. Dream Pusha was a great headliner that got the crowd feeling lively. He played a lot of bass heavy tracks in his set and had awesome visuals throughout. It was a great performance to close out the night. 100 Nickel loves psychedelic Saturdays!

  • Written by Saige Dean

River Spell & Liver Down the River at 100 Nickel

100 Nickel had an amazing time on March 10th with two lively jam/bluegrass bands. Liver Down the River and River Spell blew the crowd away with their energy and their talent. This was a different show than 100 Nickel usually has and it was great to mix it up and see the lively crowd engage with the band. The bands were filled with unique instruments like the mandolin and the violin. Liver Down the River was a female lead 5 piece band and River Spell was an all male 4 piece band. They both did a great job of entertaining the crowd and helping the crowd to bowl strikes all night. This show brought in a great crowd that loved to have fun and cheer on each of the bands. 100 Nickel was a great way to spend this Friday night with friends, have great food and drinks, and dance to some jam bands.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Ten w/ Morpheus at 100 Nickel

The first of the two cover bands of the night was Morpheus, a Morphine cover band. I was surprised to hear that a Morphine cover band even existed since they were a pretty unique and somewhat niche band, but regardless I was very excited and Morpheus did not disappoint. They had the same three person line up as Morphine with a bassist, drummer, and saxophone player. So many things made this band unique, such as the bass only having the two middle strings and being played with a slide, or the saxophone player making strange noises with his instrument. This band’s whole set was super engaging and high energy.

The next band, Ten, was a Pearl Jam cover band. Once they began, the middle aged crowd was launched back into the 90’s and clearly was absolutely adoring the nostalgic appeal. This was due in part to the music, but also the band’s amazing execution. They brought the intense energy Pearl Jam was known for, but most importantly, the singer’s Eddie Vedder voice was spot on. It was a lot of fun watching all the die hard Pearl Jam fans get super into the music the whole night.

  • Written by Ben Jablonski

Death to Genres at 100 Nickel

Death to genres was a hit on March 25th at 100 Nickel. The night started out with Jaypapi, he was the first of 5 acts. Jaypapi had a cool style and it fit well with his experimental rap music. He was supportive of all the other acts and he got the audience involved early on in the show. He played the synth, congos, tambourine, and a melodica in his set. It was cool to get a lot of different vibes in just the one performance and hear the talent that he had to show us all. The White Moms were up next. The audience loved them, they were funny, talented, and entertaining. The lines in all of their songs were a hit, with witty lines and smooth lines. It was a great performance from these three stylish guys.

Grungeloved brought an entourage with him on stage and had a different vibe from the others. His set was more metal and it really showed that this show was a death to genres by switching up the pace so much. The crowd really liked it and it was cool that he brought some friends up on stage to dance. The crowd even got into a mosh pit. Get Away Factory went next and they got wild with it. It got the crowd involved and a lot of the audience really liked it. It was fun to watch them get everyone involved. Monizz closed the night out with some high vibes and latin music. She was such a great performer and it was the perfect way to close the night out on a great note. Death by Genres was an amazing show and we hope to have it again at 100 Nickel.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Workingman’s Wednesdays w/ Seeing Stars Band at 100 Nickel

On March 15th we were lucky enough to have the Seeing Stars Band perform for us. They are a Grateful Dead cover band and we were grateful to have them! The band has 5 members and they all had great energy – there were 2 guitar players, a keys player, a bass player, and a drummer. 3 of the members sang and that made it really fun to hear the different vocals throughout the set. The five of them vibed out together on stage and with the audience. The audience was full of friendly faces and they all really enjoyed listening to the music. The band all wore pretty casual outfits, but that was fitting for the casual crowd on a Wednesday night. All in all, this show was a lot of fun for everyone and we can’t wait to have the Seeing Stars Band back at 100 Nickel in April!

  • Written by Saige Dean

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