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Live on the Lanes: What We’ve Been Up To

Wicked Vixen At 830 North

On 7/7, Fort Collins local rockers Spliff Tank, Green Gasoline, and Wicked Vixen, teamed up for a heavy night of head-banging on the lanes. A couple of weeks before the show, Wicked Vixen came out and said that this would be their last show before taking some time away. The impending hiatus brought a lot of folks out to show their support and get one last kick of what Vixen has to give.

The night started with Psych-punkers Spliff Tank. These fellas have been around for a couple of years now. Their sound ranges from indie to full-out thrash, and Brian’s spacey lead vocals and bright ripping guitar tones, elevate you into the stratosphere.

Green Gasoline took the stage and really took people by surprise. They were the one band of the three that was Denver based and was the first show for many in the room.  They are a power trio and these guys absolutely shred. Rooted in the rock n roll sounds of the 80s, these guys had an incredibly familiar sound all with a modern fresh take. The band is fronted by the bass player whose powerful vocals were as kin to Lemmy from Motorhead I’ve ever heard.

Emotions were high when Wicked Vixen finally took the stage.  They delivered their powerful and emotional show one last time (for the foreseeable future) to a large crowd of eager locals.  The band is fronted by the incredible Zee, who plays a seven-string fretted violin (that’s right, seven strings). She plays shred guitar-style licks with the best of them on that thing, it’s truly a sight to behold. She also has a voice that can tear the roof of a place and send the whole crowd to the stars. Their set felt extra special this time around, as we all knew it might be the last we see for a while. At the end of the shredfest, the crowd all hugged each other and the support the band received was really something special. We hope Wicked Vixen shows aren’t too far away in the future cause we need more of their powerful female-fueled rock!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Object Heavy At  830 North

Hailing from Arcata in Northern California, Object Heavy brought some incredibly hard-hitting soul to our stage at 830 North on July 1st. Our first show of the month, Object Heavy was a smash hit, their sensational grooves never failing to get the audience on their feet. Opening the show was local DJ and producer, Butl3r. If you haven’t seen Butl3r yet, this dude is awesome and his ability to weave songs together is impeccable. He also seems to have a great community around him so definitely someone to keep on your radar for future shows or festivals. Both acts were extremely danceable, and the energy on the lanes that night was electric. The combination of Object Heavy’s tight soul grooves and sensational jams and Butl3r’s seamless mixing led to an unforgettable experience for everyone in the Audience.

As Butl3r took the stage for his opening set, it was clear we were in for a treat. His skillful selection of tracks, blending various genres and styles, created a musical journey that had people hooked from start to finish. 

The members of Object Heavy, each a master of their instruments, brought a unique and captivating presence to the stage. The powerful vocals of singer Richard Love resonated with the crowd, while the funky basslines, soul-stirring guitar and keys solos, and groovy tunes had the audience moving from the first note to the last.

  • Written by Matan Birnbaum

Insane on the Lanes at 100 Nickel

For the July 22nd Insane on the Lanes show, there was an incredible lineup of hardcore metal bands that each played very high-energy sets. The crowd was very into the music and danced all night long. The show was hosted by ET Mac and the Alien, and they played micro-sets during the intermissions between each band on the show list. The openers, Clarity, were a two-man instrumental band of guitar and drums. With their powerful guitar riffs and impeccable drumming, Clarity gave an opening taste of what was to come for the rest of the night. The second and third bands, Overexposure and Death Upon The Ignorant, continued the heavy momentum further into the show. The entire crowd was up front for these shows (children included!), all head-banging and dancing to the music. 

When Darkness Falls and Instipidus, played fourth and fifth in the show and had the crowd going absolutely wild. The energy within the venue was irresistible. Lastly, Church Fire closed the show and had an entirely unique, industrial sound for their set. The crowd continued to actively participate in dancing and enjoying the music. Altogether, the Insane on the Lanes show was very high energy and enjoyed by everyone who came out to the show and we look forward to the next time we host this show!

  • Written by Gavin Field

Playwr!tes At 2454 West 

This show was a Blast N Scrap-run rock concert. The night began and was hosted by Samantha Erin, who provided an energetic, powerful performance with simply her voice and an acoustic guitar. Playing a mix of covers and original tunes, her lively energy established a great atmosphere for the evening. Up next was a set from Porridge, a legendary local rock band. Their eclectic stage presence, driving drum beats, and catchy songwriting made their performance instantly memorable. Finally, local indie band Playwr!tes brought the night to a close. Combining a classic rock baseline with a very theatrical flare, this set was a perfectly unique way to end the evening.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Jellyfish Farm At 2454 West

This show was a Sunday night performance full of exciting, experimental music. The night began with a series of songs from Hospital Socks, a local indie band whose vibrant drum parts and driving bass riffs got the show off to a good start. Following them was a set by North by North. This Chicago-based duo presented a series of catchy, energetic tunes that kept the audience intrigued. Finally, the night ended with a set from Jellyfish Farm. This psych-rock group provided an hour of intricate, but fun music that struck such a strong chord with the audience that they demanded an encore.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Psych Centennial at 100 Nickel 

The July 27 show was a great and fun night of covers and originals from the bands, Cecilia, Sweet Wyne, and Psychotic Centennials. The crowd was so engaged with the music the whole time and it brought a great vibe to the venue. Cecilia is a 4 piece rock band that helped start the show off with lots of awesome energy. Sweet Wyne played second, and they had as much fun playing the show as the crowd had hearing the set. The band played lots of original music, as well as a Metallica cover. And lastly, Psychotic Centennials played a very high-energy set filled with great music. Even with a tired crowd, they kept them engaged and excited. Overall, the show was really awesome and all bands played with so much passion.

  • Written by Gavin Field

Elle Michelles Grateful Holler at 100 Nickel 

Elle Michelle’s Grateful Holler put on a great show this Friday night at 100 Nickel. They are a 5 piece group with two awesome female fronts. The audience was loving their set – especially the kids who got out on the dance floor. It was a wholesome night on the dance floor with lots of laughing and smiling. This was the second time this year that we’ve had their group and I think everyone hopes that they keep coming back because they always put on such a great show and have great energy. We were lucky enough to hear two and a half hours of music from them tonight, but if you missed this one make sure to come out next time they play at 100 Nickel and bring your dancing shoes.

  • Written by Saige Dean

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