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Live on The Lanes: January Recap

Oliverse at 830 North

It was a busy night on Saturday, January 20th at 830 North, and for good reason. It was a special occasion, electronic music icon Oliverse traveled to Fort Collins from the United Kingdom for his Colorado debut on his first US tour! Joining him for this stop on this tour would be Klown and Poni, who would set the stage for an incredible night of music. 

First up was Klown, with an eerie yet iconic clown mask that complimented the music perfectly. Deep bass and heavy drops fill the room, getting the crowd excited about the night of music from the very beginning. Following Klown’s set, Poni took the stage and turned it up another notch and played songs from various subgenres such as Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Riddim, all of which complemented each other with her unique style of mixing. Poni’s set took the show to the next level, and by the time her set was over the entire crowd was at the stage and ready for this evening’s headliner. 

Oliverse took the stage and the crowd erupted with excitement to see the artist they have been waiting for years to make their way to the United States, and this moment is finally here. Oliverse played all of his legendary tracks that are shaping the future of the EDM genre, incorporating styles of music outside of the electronic genre to create a unique sound giving you feelings of euphoria with his trance-like production style. Everybody in the venue was dancing, headbanging, and partying the night away to the original songs that define Oliverse as an artist and make him stand out from the rest.

  • Written by Brad Campbell

Thistle Tones at 2454 West

Greeley was treated to a special night of funk, soul, blues, and rock hosted by the UNC alumni and student-filled band, the Thistle Tones. With covers spanning from the current day all the way back to the 70s, the Thistle Tones sent 2454 West into a time warp offering solid renditions coated in a modern twist including artists like Thundercat, Peter Gabrielle, Queen, and Reba. The originals were nothing to bat an eye at as well, with keyboard player Julie covering double duty laying down some tasty organ lines while delivering some powerful vocal licks that were undoubtedly packing a punch. The rhythm section was locked in all night, thanks to Alex’s driving bass slaps and Trent’s spot-on drum beats. Guitarist Ben had an impressive jazz feel that stood out providing a refreshing spice to the funk and blues classics. The band was serving up some serious grooves that were at times reminiscent of Vulfpeck, an artist who was not covered by the band that night but came to mind several times throughout the night. Fans were bowling and grooving out all night thanks to an awesome performance from the Thistle Tones.

  • Written by Sid Jackson

Hannah and The Cuddies at 2454 West

This show was a Thursday night performance from local 4-piece indie rock outfit, Hannah and The Cuddies. The night got started with an electric opening set from The Anklebiters, a new-in-town rock band consisting of UNC students. With a healthy mix of iconic rock covers and hard-hitting original tunes, this group got the whole building on their feet and chanting their name. Through a series of screaming guitar solos and powerful vocal performances, the Anklebiters established a high-energy atmosphere that would continue through the rest of the night. After their performance, Hannah and the Cuddies took the stage to carry on the fun. Their set of largely original pop/funk tunes was enhanced immensely by their impressive musicianship. Throughout the Hancock-esque keyboard solos and complex metric modulation from the drummer, one thing that became clear was that this group knew their instruments like the back of their hand, and could play off of each other with a cohesiveness that made the crowd feel like they were right on stage with them. Overall, this concert was a very successful and enthralling night put together by some of the most skilled musicians that Greeley has to offer.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Boredom Fighters at 830 North

On Friday, January 26th, 830 North had the pleasure of hosting The Boredom Fighters for their Winter Bowldown, an event that left a lasting impression on all attendees. The stage came alive with outstanding performances by the legendary Jordan Dale, Rolos Rios, Knowledge, and the incredible New Bloodline. The Boredom Fighters set the tone for the evening, creating an inviting atmosphere with an instrument garden that allowed anyone to play and draw inspiration, setting the perfect stage for a night filled with outstanding youthful performances showcasing their exceptional boredom-fighting skills.

The engaged crowd became an integral part of the experience, adding to the energy that permeated the venue. As the night unfolded, electrifying performances by the talented Jordan Dale and Rolos Rios captivated the audience, ensuring that the excitement never waned.

The Boredom Fighters, a non-profit organization, are renowned for their significant contributions to the community, particularly in their efforts to help and inspire kids. Their mission revolves around ensuring that children have access to music-making tools and the knowledge to organize events within their communities. The organization brings purpose and light into the lives of today’s disadvantaged youth, embodying their name – Boredom Fighters.

In essence, the Winter Bowldown was more than just a musical event; it was a celebration of community, talent, and the tireless dedication of The Boredom Fighters to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals. Their commitment to providing opportunities and instilling a love for music in the hearts of the youth was palpable throughout the evening, leaving everyone with a sense of inspiration and hope for a brighter future.

  • Written by Tre Delossantos

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