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Live on the Lanes: February Shows

After a brief hiatus, Chipper’s Lanes is back with live music! February marked the first few shows Chipper’s and the Mishawaka put on with Colorado bands, the Runaway Grooms and A Brother’s Fountain.

The Runaway Grooms started out this month of socially distant performances, drawing fans back to Chipper’s College Center once again. This 5-piece jam band from Vail drove up to play upbeat, folky jams like “Song Without Sin” which has just surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify. Their sound is heavily influenced by the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead.

Their Grateful Dead influence came through in their rendition of “Shakedown Street” at their show February 20. The Runaway Groom’s performance could be summed up by their slide guitar action, long jams, and a lively cover of “We Got the Funk” by Positive Force.

A Brother’s Fountain, a 7-piece from Fort Collins, showed up the next weekend to bring good vibes to their local bowling alley. A Brother’s Fountain is an upbeat Folk-Jam band that leaves you feeling a little lighter after listening to them. Their mix of harmonies between mandolin and guitarist, Ryan and JJ, along with their saxophone and banjo pairing, created a simple recipe for a good time.

And a good time it was, as audience members bowled, danced, and savored the feeling of live music again with loved ones.

March will be no different than February (besides the fact that more shows are coming)! Reserve your table or lane at and join in on the party at Chipper’s North.

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