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Live on the Lanes: February Recap

Grenata Rose, Hoverfly, and Blankslate at 100 Nickel

These three bands rocked 100 Nickel this Friday night. Hoverfly started the night out strong with a great presence on the dance floor and a new single to share with the crowd called “Diamond Hands.” The energy on stage was great with a lot of dancing and strong vocals throughout the set. Special shout out to the bass player for his wide-stance playing and his jumps that he did throughout the set. Hoverfly was sure to leave a strong impression on the crowd with their grateful demeanors and their great playing – they even got called on for an encore the crowd loved them so much.

Blankslate came on second and left the crowd speechless, especially with the strong lead vocals. This all female band was a great change of pace and was so fun to listen to. They all had some kind of plaid patterns to correlate with each other and they all connected well on stage. The lead singer did a great job at leaving the crowd smiling with a lot of witty jokes throughout the set. The crowd loved their energy and their talent.

Grenata Rose closed the show with head banging and rocking energy. They brought out the real rocker energy to 100 Nickel. The lead singer was showing off his rocker energy with his stance while he sang and jumped around onstage during the set. The crowd loved Grenata Rose and were excited about the show they put on.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Megan Hamilton at 830 North

Megan Hamilton returned to Fort Collins to throw down some Bass music on the lanes at 830 North.  The room was full of heads early in the night and buzzing with excitement when Lonsoul took the stage to get things started. Mclerran came on next, as more folks filled the dance floor preparing for Hamiltons set.  

The vibes were on point all night, and despite the room being rather full, all the artists could be seen hanging with different groups of excited fans through the whole show.  Megan took the stage at about 10, and there was clearly an instant shift in energy in the room.  She blew the place up with a high energy set that had the whole room dancing whether on the floor or not.  A personal favorite moment of mine was her remix of that 90’s club banger “Be My Lover” which you might be familiar with if you’ve ever seen Night at the Roxbury.

Megan was going to be a hard set to follow up, but Rob from Homemade Spaceships melodic style and killer guitar licks kept everyone rockin’ right up to the end.  Another awesome night on the Lanes!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo
  • Photos from Sunny Side Production

Psychedelic Saturdays at 100 Nickel

February’s Psychedelic Saturday was a crowd pleaser for the wooks at 100 Nickel with a huge turnout. The bass was booming and the crowd was having a great time. Repitilian started the night off strong with a bass filled set and plenty of fog to back him up on the stage and bring out the EDM energy. He went for about 30 minutes and had the crowd bowling strikes and head-banging because of his energy.

LMO came on next and brought some of the crowd out onto the dance floor to head-bang and even do a light up poi show with his heavy hitters. He threw in some oldies with some added bass and the crowd really liked those. He was very lively on stage and it made the crowd get a bit more into the show. Repitilian was very supportive of LMO and cheered him on during his set.

Denizen came on third with a lot of skill and hyped up energy. He flowed effortlessly through his set with a bunch of heavy hitting bass. The crowd was mellow on the dancing, but very into his set throughout with lots of head-banging and more poi spinning. Slomato brought the energy out heavy after Denizens set. His set brought a few more dancers onto the floor and this made the crowd a little more involved in the show. The light twirling was popping off during Slomatos’ set.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Wildlove Tigress at 100 Nickel

Wildlove Tigress was the best way to start the weekend at 100 Nickel on this Friday night. This band has spunk, talent, and is a lot of fun. The crowd loved WildLove Tigress’ energy on stage. They all had colorful and stylish outfits that they moved and grooved in to keep everyone entertained.

This band was an 8 piece funk style band that included 3 vocals, a drummer, a sax player, a trumpet player, a bass player, and a guitar/piano player. It was great to see all of them engage with each other on and off the stage. You could tell they had a lot of fun with each other and because of that they all have a strong connection when they play together. The background singers and the lead singer had choreographed dance moves that lit up the stage and kept the energy high for all of the crowd throughout the show.

They did a great cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” that the crowd really enjoyed. It brought out some more crowd engagement to have a cover being played rather than the band’s originals. The cover was awesome because Wildlove Tigress added their own spin on it and that really made it feel like a special performance. The groove was alive tonight with Wildove Tigress’ epic solos and epic energy on stage.

  • Written by Saige Dean

The Study Abroad at 100 Nickel

The first band of the evening was Highdrox. They provided a perfect high energy introduction to the night. Their sound was really interesting. There were strong elements of Pearl Jam style Grunge. However, they also had a much darker, Doom Metal kind of sound mixed in. This combination of genres worked super well together, and the audience was super into it. They even moshed a little bit, which is not something we see often. 

Next up was Redamancy. This band reminded us a lot of Paramore. This was kind of funny, cause the band themselves also looked a lot like them too. They weren’t as heavy and dark sounding as the previous band, but they still brought a ton of energy and stage presence with their set. They also had a lot of harmonized group vocals between all four members, which I always like seeing with rock bands. 

The final band of the night, The Study Abroad, had a very unique sound that seemed like it actually came from abroad. I would describe them as “very British” sounding, but not in a bad way as some may interpret it. Also, the bass player had a set up with organ foot pedals controlling a bass synthesizer, like Geddy Lee’s famous set up. This added some really ominous and powerful textures that made the band as a whole even better. 

  • Written by Ben Jablonski

Blast N Scrap at 830 North

As the first band of the night, the crowd showed up. We had fans filling up 830 north before the doors even opened up with around 50 inside before the doors . They included some two new and two older singles which were all amazing and had the crowd moving. 

Next up we have Violet visionaries performing at 8pm,  originally from Greeley, CO. They played a variety of music from rock and indie. I first worked with them at CSU, when they performed for the Music Business collective in the rain. Last semester, they had about 20-25 people in the crowd and now over 30 people are cheering them on . Happy to see a band growing in less than a year!

Brought a different vibe of hard rock tonight, and although the genre was a little different tonight the crowd still enjoyed them and applauded their songs. After a few drumsticks breaking, they still performed amazingly!

Animal future was terrific! This is their second time performing with Blast N Scrap and they are a fantastic band and individuals outside of performing. Although most of the crowd headed home they still had at least 20 people grooving on the dance floor.

  • Written by Emmalie Francis

Ten w/ Morpheus at 100 Nickel

The first of the two cover bands of the night was Morpheus, a Morphine cover band. I was surprised to hear that a Morphine cover band even existed since they were a pretty unique and somewhat niche band, but regardless I was very excited and Morpheus did not disappoint. They had the same three person line up as Morphine with a bassist, drummer, and saxophone player. So many things made this band unique, such as the bass only having the two middle strings and being played with a slide, or the saxophone player making strange noises with his instrument. This band’s whole set was super engaging and high energy.

The next band, Ten, was a Pearl Jam cover band. Once they began, the middle aged crowd was launched back into the 90’s and clearly was absolutely adoring the nostalgic appeal. This was due in part to the music, but also the band’s amazing execution. They brought the intense energy Pearl Jam was known for, but most importantly, the singer’s Eddie Vedder voice was spot on. It was a lot of fun watching all the die hard Pearl Jam fans get super into the music the whole night.

  • Written by Ben Jablonski

Insane on the Lanes at 100 Nickel

Insane on the Lanes was an insane good time on Saturday, February 18th at 100 Nickel. There were a total of nine bands out that rocked the venue.

Every band stayed with the same theme of having long hair or long beards to fit in with the metal head aesthetic. The crowd had a lot of fun playfully shoving each other around the dance floor and head-banging during a few of the sets. The bands all rocked the stage with their heavy screaming, drumming, and bass lines.

These bands made sure to bring the energy out to the Broomfield and give the audience a show they wouldn’t forget. The random song names and witty one liners on stage from these bands helped to keep the audience entertained even while the singers were taking much needed water breaks after their screams. From the words of the American Overdose band: “we’re here to rock these suburbs” which every band definitely did tonight. This was a Saturday show at 100 Nickel that you definitely wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

  • Written by Saige Dean


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