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Live On The Lanes: February Recap

Germ Theory at 830 North

830 North hosted a night of local music on Thursday, February 15th, with Germ Theory headlining this evening’s performance with support from Kapei and Sour Drought, showcasing Colorado’s hard rock and punk music scene in Fort Collins!

The three-piece band Sour Drought took the stage for their first-ever live performance, and they didn’t disappoint! They brought a substantial crowd to the show that ate up the distorted guitar, in-your-face drums, and piercing vocals that created the sound that Sour Drought is starting to gain recognition for. 

Next on the stage was Kapei, a 3 three-piece indie-rock band hailing from Boulder, CO who harnessed the first performance’s energy to keep the existing crowd up by the stage, and went on to double the number of people on the dancefloor by the end of their set, and absolutely shredded in front of this evenings peak crowd!

Both Sour Drought and Kapei created an awesome environment for the evening providing an exciting and engaging experience for patrons so far this evening, leading up perfectly to welcome Germ Theory to the stage on the lanes. The punk band from Longmont, CO took the signature hard distortion and heavy percussion and combined it with the elegant playing of each band member on their instruments, showing us an incredible display of musical mastery that is the product of thousands of hours of work and isn’t something you get to see up close often.

  • Written by Brad Campbell


ICONIX at 2454 West

Is there anything better than bowling AND listening to your favorite iconic classic rock songs performed live by some serious shredders?? On this popping Friday night, Northern Colorado band, Iconix, treated bowlers at 2454 West to ripping renditions of some of the greatest rock tunes around. Their guitar work will be sure to pump you up and crush your friends with strikes and spares. If you are craving some rock and roll to go with your bowl you won’t want to miss Iconix’s next Live on The Lanes experience!

  • Written by Sid Jackson

Estin and The 86’d at 2454 West

This show was a Saturday evening performance from Colorado-based band, Estin and The 86d. The night began with a set from returning 3-piece Midnight for Now, who got the show off to a rocking start with their particular flavor of heavy-metal-inspired music. After their performance, Estin and The 86d took the stage by storm. The heavy snow outside didn’t stop the crowd from enjoying the heavy music inside. The band got everyone in the building on their feet with a series of country-infused hard rock tunes that brought a special energy into the room. The distorted, soaring guitar melodies and in-your-face drum beats gave the music a volume that could fill an arena, and by the end of the night, everybody was hooked on their unique sound. Overall, this show was a fun performance to watch and a good time for everybody looking to escape the frigid weather.

  • Written by Tim Falin

There’s an Ape For That at 100 Nickel

On Thursday, February 15th, The Ape once again made his glorious return for his first monthly edition of “There’s An Ape For That.” The Ape wasted no time dropping right into his all-vinyl set of various funk, disco, and many other fun dance tracks. Each song would carry a fun ecstatic energy while The Ape danced. Each set always ending with him dropping the vinyl into a free bin at the front of the stage for patrons to come pick from as the night went on. For 2 hours the people danced along with the Ape, with everyone leaving the venue with a smile that night. We can’t wait for next month’s show with The Ape!

  • Written by Max Doucette 

    American Idiot at 100 Nickel

American Idiot braved the winter storm and broke ground at 100 Nickel on February 9th. With the opening act having to cancel last minute due to illness…they rallied and were able to fill the time with two sets of Green Day covers. It was an incredible night for all the punk lovers in the house. For almost two hours they took us on a journey through the discography of Green Day, bringing us everywhere from their Dookie era all the way to their modern-day hits. Singer Ryan Otto, in particular, nailed the Billie Joe Voice. The drummer, with the same energy, played as if he were in a stadium crowd. Even the bass player was jumping around with the energy Green Day shows are often known for. By the end of the night, everyone’s windshields were covered in snow but it was ok because our souls were covered in Green Day. Namaste’.

  • Written by Max Doucette

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