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Live on the Lanes: December Recap

Consider the Source at 830 North

Consider the Source absolutely destroyed the lanes at 830 North in the most glorious fashion during their Colorado run earlier this month.  

The night got started with Fort Collins local rippers, Pippin’ Hot.  PH has been honing their sound and craft for almost 5 years in Fort Collins and the surrounding Front Range. Their sound consists of booty bumpin’ funk with an infusion of jam and electronica that always gets the party moving.  The highlight of the set was an awesome rendition of Lotus’s “It’s All Clear to Me Now” that got the large crowd on the dance floor ecstatic.

Consider the Source is a power trio based out of New York city that defies almost any genre that you try to put on it.  Calling themselves a Sci-fi Fusion band, the music incorporates sounds from jazz, jam, metal, bass music all the way to traditional Indian and middle eastern sounds.  The whole show is nothing short of a spectacle of elemental force more so than being a concert.  The guitar player, Gabriel, has chops to rival any guitar legend you can think of.  He plays a double-neck guitar, and the top neck is fretless which is used to play all of the quarter tones and slide techniques he has learned from his years of studying Indian and Turkish music on ouds and other fretless string instruments.

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Summer Bedhead at 100 Nickel

Wombat and the Monkey Man kicked the night off with an electrifying performance. Their singer (the wombat of the name) sang lilting melodies over the harsh rock the monkey men were playing. The singer used various delays and reverb on her voice that made it very atmospheric, almost reminiscent of Enya. Their second song leaned more into indie rock that sounded straight out of a 90s mixtape given to you by your cooler older sibling. The audience was attentive to their set, and receptive to the details and care they put into different moments. They finished their set with a similar grunge instrumental accompanied by soaring vocals.

Keddjira immediately set a new atmosphere for their set. They brought a more chill neo-soul vibe to the night. Their forty-minute set showcased their singer’s versatile voice along with their jazzy instrumentals. Their set inspired introspection and a slight sway rather than a rock’n’roll time, which was a nice breather to have in between rockin’ sets. The singer shared her inspiration behind the lyrics of the songs and thanked the audience for coming, leaving them with a ballad about a lost love. 

Summer Bedhead brought the heat back to the night, starting off with strong guitar riffs and punchy drums. The singer’s lyrics were relatable and accessible; singing about her life and experiences. The three-piece gave a captivating performance and kept the audience engaged and dancing. Overall it was a great night full of amazing music and musicians! We can’t wait to see all these amazing bands again!

  • Written by Annalee Knies

Blast N Bowl at 2454 West

Kicking off the night was the local black metal trio Starwraith. With symphonic guitar solos over solid rhythms, melodic strings, and iconic black metal vocals the crowd was already up and moving and moshing. A good sign of things to come with the night starting off with high energy from the band and the fans! 

Up next to take the stage was the promising thrash metal band from Loveland, CO – Kaoticus. After brief technical difficulties, the band quickly made up for missed time opening with some classic thrash covers and heavy original tunes. Though they may be younger dudes, they pack a heavy punch with spot on shredding, tight drumming, and a definite highlight is frontman Talimitus pulling double duty providing low end with crushing bass guitar and keeping the energy up with vibrant and powerful vocals. 

The following act JBATS, also known as Jimmy Billy and the Salamander switched things up a bit with a much more progressive feel to the night. With technical riffs and heavier breakdowns, their sound was a refreshing loose feeling songwriting where anything goes is balanced perfectly with spot-on complex patterns and tempo changes. 

Wrapping up the night was fantasy core locals Siege Perilous, bringing some epic shredding well suited to give the night of metal a proper finale. Guitarist Scott Hancock holds down some serious guitar riffing while Shaughnessy McDaniel provides some lively vocals, both swapping the energy back and forth and building up to awesome peaks all backed by a solid rhythm section. With fans singing along and moshing around, the night came to a close after an extravagant journey led by the fearless Siege Perilous.

  • Written by Sid Jackson

Underground Springhouse at 2454 West

On a chilly Saturday evening, Underground Springhouse, the hype-chill-rock-funk Band from Athens, Georgia, brought the heat and melted some faces at 2454 West in Greeley, CO. Fans were in for a treat as USH offered a whole night of awesome originals with fun and unexpected covers flowing in and out of groovy improvised sections of jamming. Expectations from those familiar with the tunes were well exceeded and those who were unfamiliar were warmed up to great renditions of creative covers and energized originals. With all members of the subterranean springhouse locked in tight and working as a team, the result was a phenomenal night of great music and everyone left with cups overflowing. Huge thanks to the Underground Springhouse crew! 5/5

  • Written by Sid Jackson

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