Live on the Lanes: April Recap - Mishawaka

Live on the Lanes: April Recap

iZCALLi at 100 Nickel

Our Cinco De Mayo show was started off by a DJ named Josh Tovar. He had a sound unlike anything I had heard before. The electronic side of his music definitely had a heavy house feel. However, the twist was that all of his music sampled various Latin genres like Salsa, Son Cubano, Cumbia, etc. It was so cool to hear four on the floor house rhythms mixing with the intricate rhythms of these various Latin genres to create something completely unique. I didn’t see a single person in the venue not dancing during his sets. 

The next band, Cista Vinum, did a complete 180 with the sound of the night. They opened up with a very lush and emotional ballad, and would eventually bring the energy up by exploring sounds of Metal, Indie, and Math Rock. They had some really interesting textures provided by the vocalist’s effects pedals and the intricate synthesizer setup from the keys player. These textures were backed up by a rock solid rhythm section. 

Izcalli ended the night off strong with a super energetic set. Their music featured a blend of Rock, Latin, and Funk. Their genre mix was extremely interesting, but they also had a very unique instrumentation. There was a drummer, a percussionist, a fiddle player, a guitar player, a bass player, a trombone player, and a sax player. Getting all these different sounding instruments to blend together is not an easy thing, but Izcalli executed it perfectly. Their set was a perfect end to a super fun Cinco De Mayo celebration. 

  • Written by Ben Jablonski

Bicycle Day Celebration with Dizgo, Dreamspace Database, and LMo at 830 North

The Indiana based Jam powerhouse Dizgo joined us on the Lanes on 4/19 to help all the psycho-nauts celebrate their favorite holiday, Bicycle day.   The night got started as local producer LMo helped us Turn On and prepared us for our voyage with his groove heavy and melodic bass music.  Then Local Jammers Dreamspace Database helped us all get Tuned In to go deeper. 

This live electronica duo masterfully implements live looping to create intense cascading textures that then peak with the ferocity of your favorite jam bands. Led by ‘Live on the Lanes’ very own Sid Jackson, who constantly switches from bass to keys on stage; they create such intricate soundscapes that will leave you wondering how 2 people managed to create so much music. These 2 acts really set the room and crowd to fully Drop Out with Dizgo. Dizgo is somewhere between modern Disco and progressive shred jam.  A typical 4 piece and the classic Jam band build of guitar, keys, bass, and drums that sounds anything but typical.  Each member had synths or drum machines in front of them and they managed to go from the Rock n Roll that their instrumentation would suggest to the Deepest synth trance with ease.  LOTL loves Dizgo and we can’t wait for their next Colorado trip.

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

The Cosmic Charlies at 2454 West

This show was a 2-set performance from local Grateful-Dead-inspired band, The Cosmic Charlies. The 4-peice band (guitar, drums, keys, and bass) put on a ceaselessly entertaining show, playing a series of covers from The Grateful Dead, interspersed with covers of various classic rock hits. The night opened with a Dead-style jam on the song “Shakedown Street”, transitioning seamlessly into Billy Preston’s “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles”, and then transitioning back to a collection of Dead covers. The rest of the show continued very similarly, with lengthy, relaxed jams moving into covers of artists like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. The band members moved through these tunes effortlessly, and the way that they fit into each other’s sound made it clear they had been playing together for quite some time. The band played as one unit, and created some exciting renditions of songs that the audience knew and loved.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Psychedelic Saturdays with Ovoid at 100 Nickel

This month’s edition of Psychedelic Saturdays was the place to be. With a line out the door from the start, Broomfield showed up ready to party in a safe and mature manner. With beautiful projections and live painters cluttered throughout the building, it was both a night of music and a night of visual experience. Elucidate opened up the night with some squishy and groovy psychedelic bass music that made people’s ears tingle with excitement, and we were all very thankful for that. Next up was Two Foxes, who was certainly foxy with their music. I was a little disappointed there weren’t any actual foxes involved with this set, but the music made up for it. After Two Foxes wrapped up we transitioned directly into Conduit, who like a tube that carries water or electrical, flowed very nicely with the energy of his tune.

Lastly the headliner Ovoid took the stage, elevating the audience into a higher state of consciousness which allowed everyone to communicate telepathically with a group of angelic machine elves who had phased into the room at some point during the show. It was chill though they brought good vibes and complemented everyone’s art so we didn’t make them pay for tickets. Overall it was another successful edition of our monthly Psychedelic Saturday’s, everyone hugged at the end even the people aren’t huggers. Don’t miss the next one!

  • Written by Max Doucette 

Bryce Evans & The Black Cats at 2454 West

This show was a performance from 3-piece rock band Bryce Evans and The Black Cats. The night opened with a set from El Dolor, a country-rock group that brought an exciting mix of genres to the stage, incorporating fiddle and mandolin into a set of powerful, classic-rock inspired, original tunes, and one John Prine cover (at the request of one of the bowling alley staff). After El Dolor got the show kicked off, Bryce Evans took the stage. This group created a unique energy, performing a broad variety of original songs. The first part of the set was a series of blues-influenced tunes, complete with lengthy guitar solos and soulful vocal performances. As the night went on, the songs moved in a heavier direction with a few shorter, more aggressive punk songs. The band used this variety to show their skill as performers, bringing a different energy to each song as needed, and effectively spreading that energy to the whole venue. The audience was right along with the band the whole way, dancing when the song called for it, listening intently during the slower sections, and participating with the call and response that Bryce used to pass the time between songs. Overall, both bands gave a lively performance and kept the listeners interested throughout.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Tylor & The Train Robbers at 100 Nickel

This Saturday at 100 Nickel was a great way to spend the night. The two bands included the same members which was really fun because we got to see their talents on a couple of different instruments. Each band played mostly originals with a couple of covers, they even did a Rolling Stones cover. They played country music and they dressed the part for it. It was a very cowboy style night with plenty of denim, boots, cowboy hats, and turquoise jewelry. The bands were great to listen to, they had a bass player, drummer, 2 electric guitar players, 1 acoustic guitar player, 3 singers, and to keep it interesting they had a pedal steel and lap steel player. It was a mellow crowd that enjoyed drinking a beer and listening to some good country music. The show had good energy with a lot of really kind music and great music. It was great to have an intimate night with a lot of talent here.

  • Written by Saige Dean

Kids Table at 100 Nickel

This Thursday at 100 Nickel was a great vibe. It was cool, calm, and collected all night long with the two performers that we had. Stoyer started the night off with strong vocals and smooth acoustic guitar playing. He was a casual guy with a lot of spunk on stage. His voice was a little similar to John Mayer and the crowd really liked it. It was a one man band full of talent and fun comments to keep the crowd entertained. Kids table was a group of 4 fun loving guys. They all brought a really fun energy to the stage with some originals and some covers in their set. We even got a fun little Harry Styles cover of As It Was which had the crowd excited. They dressed in fun and colorful shirts that went along well with their good energy from the night. This was a great way to listen to some good tunes and drink some beers with your buddies to the mellow Thursday vibes.

  • Written by Saige Dean

The Ephinjis at 830 North

The Ephinji’s first played on the lanes for one of our Wednesday Blast N Scrap takeovers.  The Denver based band joined Fort Collins locals Rosebay and Ash Redhorse for their first headliner with us on 3/14.  Newish Fort Collins band, Rosebay, started the night off right with a pit full of people.  Definitely recommend keeping an eye out for these Indie rockers.  Ash Redhorse and his incredibly talented band were next.  Ash is a great songwriter who’s style, while rooted in Americana and folk, also has some very prevalent pop elements with vocal melodies that are catchy ear worms in the best way.  The Ephinjis started their set by playing the classic tune ‘Sleepwalk’.  They continued to masterfully weave awesome covers in and out of their own original tunes, creating a mashup of very contrasting styles.  ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘La Bamba’, ‘The Beatles’; they could pull it all off.  Not to mention everytime they come out , they come dressed to impress in full suits.

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo


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