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Live On The Lanes: April Recap

Daisy Chain at 830 North

During the latter half of April’s shows at 830 North we had one performance that stood out from the rest — with an ultimate takeover of female rock artists. On the last Thursday of the month, Daisychain, a Psych-Rock band out of Chicago, headlined the night for their Northern Colorado appearance on the band’s national spring tour! Joining Daisychain were two local acts. Elise Wunder, a singer-songwriter, began the evening with a solo acoustic set in her signature Americana-Soul style, and the Sasha Stone Band followed with an electrifying performance of the group’s original folk-rock music that has been gaining traction in the Fort Collins music scene. 

The flow of music this evening was comparable to that of a huge arena performance. Elise Wunder played more melodic and welcoming songs to introduce a live act for the evening, moving into the Sasha Stone band that took it up a notch and brought the energy into the room before welcoming to the stage the band people had been waiting for all night! 

Daisychain took the stage and embraced all the energy that the acts beforehand created, then harnessed it and turned the show into the special experience that it was. Each member of the four-piece band wielded an iconic instrument. They played with class, the way the instruments were meant to be played, with a blues influence in the notes and the rigor of rock in their playing. The songs the band performed live displayed a mastery of their craft and demonstrated the thousands of hours they have shelled out into their art. Which we all had the pleasure to see live on our stage at 830 North in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

  • Written by Brad Campbell


Electric Kif at 830 North

This month, we had the victorious return of Electric Kif to the lanes supported by local Colorado jammers, The Buzz.

The Buzz, a Longmont/Denver based Jam band, got the room warmed up with some deep and powerful musical exploration. This 5 piece powerhouse shows off all of the Jam influences you might expect while combining them into a fusion that is very much their own sound. Methiah, the lead singer and bassist, has a strong and gravely voice that perfectly fits into their version of funk and the 2 guitars both complement and compete with each other, culminating in some really classic dual “Guitarmonies”.

Electric Kif, or The Kif, as they often referred to themselves, is an all instrumental funk/jazz unit from Miami Florida. They played the lanes once before last year and we were all excited for the return of the funk. Their music incorporates a lot of different world elements into it, especially Latin, but is still familiar and very danceable funk. The highlight for me was an amazing rendition of Herbie Hancocks “Butterfly” that was a very unique interpretation.

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

May Be Fern at 100 Nickel

At this epic Indie Night Live on The Lanes, Genevieve started off the night with a few solo guitar songs. Her poignant songwriting and guitar playing was reminiscent of the members of indie powerhouse Boygenius. After serenading the crowd with her solo songs she brought her band up to accompany her for the rest of the night. With the backing band she got the crowd moving along to her catchy tunes. Her lyrics detail her experiences being queer and navigating the world. She also takes inspiration from media such as the Barbie movie to tell stories in her songs. Her set caused the audience to listen close and left them wanting more. 

May Be Fern brought the rock’n’roll to the night, with songs from their debut album Okay Grandma, Your Turn (recent winner of debut album of the year from Westword Magazine). Their funk inspired indie rock got the audience grooving and moving. The players passed solos around to each other like it was nothing; showing just how tight of a band they are. They rocked the socks off the audience, with them calling for an encore!

  • Written by Annalee


NOT.GREENDAY at 2454 West

This Friday night show featured the punk rock band NOT.GREENDAY. This group is a touring Green Day cover band based out of Spokane, Washington. The band’s sound was loud and electric, with well performed covers of popular Green Day songs, as well as many of the band’s deep cuts. For their full two hour set, the band captivated the audience and had them singing along to classic Green Day Songs. The band nailed the overall all Green Day aesthetic while maintaining their own distinct energy. They are a four piece punk rock outfit featuring two guitars, bass, and drums. The crowd was made up of local Green Day fans, who knew the songs well which gave the show an exciting overall atmosphere. The band even brought one of the audience members on stage to play guitar for a cover of Operation Ivy’s song Knowledge. Overall, the show was engaging and exciting, while perfectly appealing to the Green Day and punk rock fans in the audience.

  • Written by Nate

Danny Derail Band at 2454 West

This show was a Friday night performance from the Danny Derail Band at 2454 West. This six-piece, blues-rock powerhouse brought everything you could want in a band. With three guitar players, each playing a different role in the overall sound, a series of blues-y piano lines, and a couple of soulful lead vocalists, the band gave the audience everything they wanted and more. The night started off with a series of covers of classic rock tunes from the likes of the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. Sprinkled throughout the two sets were original songs from different members of the band, who each put their unique spin on the band’s unusual instrumentation. The evening ended with a performance of an original from the lead singer that left the whole room dancing long after the music was over. Overall, this show was a big hit with the whole crowd, blues fans or not.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Red Stinger Band at 100 Nickel

On Saturday the denizens of Broomfield and the surrounding area converged at 100 Nickel for night of punk rock — specifically the bands Dryer Fire, Red Stinger, Anti-Formula, and Sputnik Slovenia. It was an evening of celebration as multiple birthday parties rocked out to the four consecutive sets for an early show. Sputnik Slovenia opened up the night with some strummed acoustic guitar songs, playing lots of favorites and even letting some of the kids up on stage to dance along for a super family-friendly set. Following up immediately after was Anti-Formula who quite literally turned things with their crispy amps and banging drums on top of their youthful presence and energy. Next up was Red Stinger who played a super fun set. They even brought some of the kids up on stage to sing along with them. Last up was the headliner Dryer Fire, which once they hit the stage every head was bouncing in the room as everyone rallied to close out the night with thrash punk bangers. Every man, woman, child, and non-gender conforming human in the build left with smiles on their faces and anti-establishment in their hearts.

  • Written by Max Doucette

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