Legend Ziggy Marley Plays Reggae New and Old to the Mishawaka - Mishawaka

Legend Ziggy Marley Plays Reggae New and Old to the Mishawaka

A full day and night  of laughter, food, and reggae made for another successful evening at the Mishawaka. Although a Thursday, that did not stop the fans from selling out our venue and bringing all the peace and love they had to offer.

Dave Halchack, localized in Denver, kicked off the sunset with his impressive skills using his loop pedal and creating a personable vibe with the audience. We were so blessed to have Halchack join us by the river and he expressed his gratitude to finally be able to be up on the stage he had once longed to perform on. Continuing on with the good spirits, Dave (accompanied by supportive, Mom) enjoyed the rest of the show from the patio with the rest of the crew!

The crowd’s energy was at an all time high as Ziggy Marley and the band took the stage. The rhythmic sounds being produced from the band, backup singers (with awesome dance moves), and Ziggy created a sense of community and family.

It was moving to hear some classics from Ziggy’s father, Bob Marley, adding onto an already phenomenal show.

Reflecting back on the nonstop action of that hot and windy Thursday, we were truly grateful to be surrounded by such a genuine group of people. The never-ending jokes, Rocky Mountain Oyster tasting, and late night talks formed new bonds and friendships that will be cherished forever. The Mishawaka offers up our hospitality to bring a sense of welcome to anyone who visits us, and it is such a pleasure to do so when our guests are equally accommodating. Thank you!

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