Late Night Radio & Maddy O'Neal - Mishawaka

Late Night Radio & Maddy O’Neal

Saturday night at The Mishawaka was filled with dancing, bubbles, lasers, and everything else you could desire for a night of electronic music.

The night was kicked off with Mikey Thunder and friends. The group took to the stage and ignited a spark in the crowd that carried the good vibes through the rest of the night. With multiple originals sprinkled with throwback remixes, it was an incredible start. 

Shortly following was pheel. His unique mixes and authentic low tempo beats were a welcome addition to the night and perfectly set the tone as the sun set over the venue. 

Then came the first half of Saturday nights co-bill, Maddy O’Neal. Maddy is an insanely talented DJ from Denver and her music was distinguishable from the first drop. Her music and energy instantly took over the crowd and transported everyone to a world beyond the Mishawaka itself. Not to mention that seeing a fellow woman who is doing incredible things in the music industry is always inspiring, and she is no exception. 

Living up to his name, as the clock neared midnight, none other than Late Night Radio took to the stage. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who wasn’t dancing during this set. Every single person in the crowd looked like they were having the time of their lives as the music flowed through the canyon. The crowd scanning lasers created a unique beautiful visual across the turf grass and the feeling in the venue was indescribable and has personally been one of my favorite shows of the season. 

During Late Night Radio’s performance, the Mishawaka family got the opportunity to celebrate our intern Brad’s 21st birthday at midnight with him. With a little help from the restaurant by preparing a lovely cake, multiple staff members were able to gather around and celebrate a momentous occasion together. 

All in all it was yet another incredible night at The Mish that will be fondly remembered by both staff and concert goers alike.

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