Kursa Killed it in the Canyon! - Mishawaka

Kursa Killed it in the Canyon!

Kursa and friends brought the good vibes and bright lights to this sold out electronic dance party last weekend.

Working hospitality for Kursa and his crew was a pleasure, everyone was in a great mood and excited to give the Mish a taste of their own unique, bass EDM tracks. We kicked off the night with TF Marz, Wickers Portal, and Ternion Sound, who all blew the roof off and had the canyon dancing all throughout the night. 

The crowd matched their energy, everyone was energized and excited for this show. Bright colors filled the crowd with costumes, glitter, and accessories. It was fun to see how in sync everyone was with the music that Kursa and friends put on!

TF Marz, Wickers Portal, and Ternion Sound got everyone in the mood to start off this fun filled night. The energy from the artists and the crowd was contagious, I even found myself down in the crowd celebrating the genius of the genre that is EDM!

It was another unforgettable night up at the Mish that will have people sharing stories and reminiscing about in the far future. Till next time!

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