All Kinds of Music is Heard at the Mishawaka with Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers - Mishawaka

All Kinds of Music is Heard at the Mishawaka with Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers

Last weekend, a legend visited the Mishawaka. Bruce Hornsby: a Grammy-winning pianist known for his work with the Grateful Dead in the 90’s, came and blew the roof off the Mishawaka.

The day started off bright and sunny, with our restaurant packed most of the day. This always proves to be…interesting logistically the day of a show. Even with the added hustle and bustle, Bruce, his Noisemakers, as well as the opener Kid Reverie stayed in impressively high spirits. When we asked him to sign a poster for the restaurant, he obliged, then went on to color in his teeth and draw a unibrow.

Steve Varney, opened the night solo to represent Kid Reverie right here out of Boulder, Colorado. He took the stage with nothing but a guitar and a board full of pedals, and he sang his heart out to start the night.

Kid Reverie opening up the night.

Armed with a piano, accordion, keyboard, guitar, bass, washboard, fiddle, bass, drums, and even an Appalachian dulcimer, Hornsby and his band of Noisemakers brought a blend of seemingly every type of music.

Bruce on the accordion.

There were a lot of smiles that night!

You could hear influences of near every decade, ranging from blues to doo-wop to jazz then back to bluegrass and seemingly everything in between.

Bruce Hornsby playing the dulcimer

This was also my first time ever seeing a dulcimer played, which is a pretty traditional folk instrument with diatonic fretting. Bruce showcased how beautiful it sounded, and paired with his superb band they showed the crowd a night of music they will never forget.

For the full gallery visit: Sunny Side Production

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