Katchafire - Mishawaka


The Mishawaka was fired up on Saturday for New Zealand based reggae band, Katchafire. Light showers between 2 and 7pm were expected, but that didn’t stop Luna Shade, FIA, and Katchafire  from bringing their best to the stage.  

Luna Shade set the tone for the night with warm, danceable grooves that scared the clouds away and offered the crowd a chance to get moving. The Fort Collins natives brought positive energy up the Poudre that left the audience glowing.

Up next on stage was FIA, a musician out of Hawaii who is currently touring alongside Katchafire. He captivated the audience with a soulful, passionate attitude that was reflected in his  impressive vocal prowess. His attitude both on and off the stage was attuned to his positive musical outlook. Listeners were impressed, and ripe for the main act Katchafire.

Listeners were in cruise control, mellowed out by the comforting rhythms of the previous 2 acts. It was time for Katchafire to take the stage and finish out the night. With the help of two horn  players, a percussionist, drummer, keyboardist, and several guitarists and a bass, Katchafire brought a magnificent Reggae act to the Poudre Canyon. Despite some moderate rainfall, the  Mishawaka was absolutely on fire when these musicians took the stage. Katchafire brought refreshing, uplifting tunes that made for plenty of smiles and happy ears.

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