We just gave away $7,700 to support music events in our community! - Mishawaka

We just gave away $7,700 to support music events in our community!

Here at the Mishawaka, we have always put a premium on music and community, ever since the days of Walter S.Thompson building dance hall on the banks of the Poudre river over 100 years ago. Today this tradition is continued by a panel of volunteers known as The Mish Initiative. This panel in constituted by 9 employees of the Mishawaka throughout various levels of the restaurant to management. Recently the panel went over applications for Mish’n Booster, which is a sponsorship program for local events that align with our values.

“Injecting funds through sponsorship of organizations and events aligned with our values.  It is important to us to make a difference in the community by helping organizations to achieve their goals.”

Listed below is out first round of Mish’n Booster grant winners for 2018.


Food Truck Rally – $1000 total – We will be booking the performers and covering a large portion of the talent expenses for the City Park Food Truck Rally.

Magnolia Sessions – $1,000 – We are so pleased to see the return of the Magnolia Sessions, a throwback to the days of SpokesBUZZ.   

May Play & Block Party – $1,000 – Be sure to check out the Mishawaka/Chipper’s Lanes stage at both of these events for great local bands.

Bas Bleu Theatre Company – $500 – We love the theatre and this is a staple of our community

Coral Creek Kids Music Project – $500 – To support their youth music program.  

Meeting on the Mountain – $500 – This is not our first time supporting Tyler Grant on this fantastic endeavor.


Wasteland Hop – $500 – We wish we could support this cause at a higher level, but one of core values is our community.  Still, we can’t wait to see the impact they make with their music camp in Alaska.  

Budding Artist Collective – $500 – 4th annual 4/20 art and music event at the Colorado Room.  It is a free event so the money will be used to pay artists.

Camp FoCo – $500 – artist collective and festival programming.  

KRFC – $500 – For their annual birthday bash.  To help pay talent fees.

Estes Park Mountain Music Fest – $300 towards instruments and uniforms

Louisville Public Library – $300 reading rocks event – helping to cover talent fees.  Larimer River Valley Rendezvous – $250 for the music component of Party in Plaid, their annual fundraiser.

Paths of Heart – $250 –  A weekly music and community thing, like an alternative to church.  

Kayla Marie Adsit Foundation $100 – In memory of Kayla, this foundation is doing many things to support music education.

The Mish Initiative looks forward to carrying out our duty as leaders in the community, sharing with those who will benefit and fostering friendship in our society.

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