We just gave $20k to local dreamers - Mishawaka

We just gave $20k to local dreamers

Thanks to the generosity of a large number of Mishawaka patrons, we were able to increase our Mish Granted awards by about $5,000 this year!  Our volunteer driven Mish Granted committee was overwhelmed with a large number of creative, passionate, and often hilarious entries.  While there were many worthwhile projects that did not receive funding this year, we are very confident that the selections we made will make a positive impact for the artists and our community as a whole.  Without any further delay, here are our Mish Granted winners for 2018 and some of their incredible submissions!

Chess at Breakfast: awarded $1,000 for a PR campaign.  We had many hilarious submissions, but this one took it to a whole new level.

Choice City Seven: awarded $600 for in ear monitors to save the hearing of at least 2 band members.

Altas: Awarded $1,000 for a PR campaign.

Cactus Cat: awarded $200 so that they may blanket themselves in the mighty reverb.

Leyla Daze: awarded $1,000 to create a “shroom midi controller” – such a fun video submission, Leyla seems like quite the creative force!

Wood Belly: awarded $1,000 for a professional master on their new album.  Check out their Mish-ed up version of “Mr. Sandman”


Shock Brace: awarded $500 because of Chad’s passionate video, and because we want to support diverse genres!

Tiny Mule Songs: awarded $1,000 to improve home recording capabilities.  Easily the ‘cutest’ submission.

The Movers & Shakers: awarded $500 toward recording.

Dream Feed: awarded $550 for some new mics and pedal to expand their sound.

Amorphic: awarded $1,000 to complete their record, which can only hope they title “This book smells like meat.”

Slow Caves: awarded $850 for snow tires to keep these hard working NoCo music ambassadors on the road.

My Dog Ate Chad: awarded $800 to complete their album at Stout Studios.

Last Call Romance: awarded $1,000 to complete their album.  Sometimes it pays to not wear pants!


Taylor Shae: awarded $250 for writing the most passionate song about stickers we have ever heard.

Ginger Whale: awarded $1,000 to create some media their booking agent can use to get them gigs.  Bonus points for drinking egg nog while singing.

Matt Smiley: awarded $1,000 for vinyl pressing.  Another original song submission!


Six Degrees Collaboration: Awarded $1,000 to design and build their shadow cube / maze.

Peyton Kloberdanz and his twin brother: awarded $500 so they can each have their own guitar and keep making those sweet harmonies!

Stella Luce: awarded $781 to replenish their band fund, and hopefully get this song out of our head.

Elli Perry: awarded $750 to ease financial stress while writing a new record.

Venture Still: awarded $500 to save them from playing a few underpaid gigs while they create.  It takes guts to appear on camera in a bunny suite.

The Catcalls: awarded $700 for album artwork and to finish recording. As much as we wanted to fund the full EPK project, we know that this will help.

Sydney Clapp: awarded $500 for album artwork so she doesn’t use that crayon drawing 🙂

You Knew Me When: awarded $1,000 towards an acoustic record.

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