Jurassic 5 breaks down the Mish - Mishawaka

Jurassic 5 breaks down the Mish

This past Sunday, Hip Hop legends Jurassic-5 brought some serious heat to the stage at the Mishawaka for what might’ve been the Mish’s quickest sellout of the summer season. Jurassic 5, composed of rappers Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir, Marc 7 and DJ’s Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark all of which performed as if they were back in 1995.

Opening up the energetic evening was Denver band Grimm & Darling. This duo not only played as a duo but also brought up special friends from Fort Collins, members of both Head For The Hills and Whiskey Blanket. Grimm & Darling featured a beatboxing, chello wielding rapper and his lovely-to-listen-to and pretty-to-look at companion who also played guitar and sang. This group put on a spectacular performance that included the rapper jumping into the crowd for his final song. If the unique approach to hip hop music and raw musical talent didn’t get you, the lyricism did as Grimm & Darling kept excellent flow while spitting lyrics about hardship, societal analysis and deeper thinking. Definitely a band to check out in the future.

Next to take the stage was Fort Collins band Wasteland Hop. These guys and gals brought quite the energy as well as variety to the stage with them. A sound that is hard to classify into any single category, with influences ranging from Hip-Hop to Punk-grass/ Country-rock, these two SpokesBuzz local opening acts surely geared the crowd up for J-5.

J-5 hit the stage with an energy that was both brutal and full of finesse. The opening song featured verses from each rapper which served as an introduction by the group to the audience, as each member entered onto the stage from side stage as their verse began. The band centered around a giant,8-10″ in circumference, functional turntable that had been tilted to the crowd allowing the players to go up and ‘spin’ as needed with the DJ’s backing them. The setlist was comprised of fan favorites, old and newer, from all the way back to the bands first album. To say this was one of the greatest show of the year is borderline understatement my friends. Check out all the photos below!


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