John Craigie & The Rainbow Girls - Mishawaka

John Craigie & The Rainbow Girls

On June 22nd, 2023 the Mishawaka was not only graced with incredible performances from Sound of Honey, the Rainbow Girls and the talented singer/songwriter John Craigie, but with a full crowd of incredible people to share the experience with!

Sound of Honey kicked off the night with a set of euphonious emotional melodies that had the crowd swaying as they soaked up the sunny weather. The Rainbow Girls followed their performance with a set of both originals and covers that hyped the crowd and spread positivity and good vibes throughout the night. 

Last, but never least, John Craigie took the stage. While his voice and guitar alone could move an audience, we at the Mishawaka had the pleasure of watching the Rainbow Girls perform alongside him. Between the performers, the lights, and the iconic scenery surrounding the Mishawaka, the night was an experience like no other. 

Not only did John Craigie and the Rainbow Girls provide a night of incredible music, but Craigie had the crowd laughing the night away as he shared stories of the meaning behind his songs and adventures. It was truly a night to remember!

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