Jamestown Revival - Mishawaka

Jamestown Revival

Last Wednesday was a beautiful, sunny day at Mishawaka, and at night we were treated to a rare lunar phenomenon, the “super blue moon.” To accompany the fantastic weather and astronomical event, Jamestown Revival brought soothing Americana grooves to the stage. During the day, band members spent time in the refreshing Poudre river, and basking in the sunlight on our deck.

To kick things off, Thomas Csorba played a solo act filled with authentic, original songs and set the tone of the night. With nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar, he captivated the audience and warmed our hearts.

Jamestown Revival was set to keep the energy going. The folk duo brought five other members onto the stage and shared a selection of songs that expressed their thoughts on everyday life. A standout moment may have been their cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” which accompanied the super blue moon that was rising in the sky.

It was an incredible evening filled with melodies, harmonies, saxophone solos, and everything in between. We had so much fun, and we can’t wait for more blissful nights like this in the future!

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