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Mishawaka Carpool Parking Information


Though parking is available at the Mishawaka, there are only 60 parking spaces at the venue.

We ask that you only reserve parking spots for extreme need situations and to carpool to the best of your ability.

If parking is NOT available for purchase, it is SOLD OUT.


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We do offer parking at the Mishawaka with very limited availability. Please see our prices below. 
Please remember there is no tailgating allowed at the Mishawaka.  


IMPORTANT: It is strongly advised not to engage in illegal parking along the highway, and please note that The Mishawaka is not responsible for any towing or ticketing that may occur along state Highway 14.

Carpool Parking Prices:

Vehicle: $67
Oversized Vehicle (buses, limos, RVs): $75
Motorcycle: $20

If you intend to take the shuttle, please do not purchase a parking pass. Parking is free at the shuttle pickup!

Please contact transpo@themishawaka.com for ADA parking requests.

Direct assistance is available by emailing transpo@themishawaka.com. We will respond to your message within 72 hours.
You may receive Day of Show assistance by texting (970) 481-9466.

Cancellation Policy For Parking:
    You have up to 48 hours prior to the date of your shuttle/parking pass to cancel your reservation and you will receive a refund minus 7% processing fee. Any cancellation for whatever reason inside of 48 hours prior to the date for your shuttle/parking pass is nonrefundable. Please email all of your requests to transpo@themishawaka.com.
Parking Transfers:    
    If you would like to transfer your pass to another patron you have up to 24 hours prior to the date of the show to do so.
We will need the full name and email of the person that you are transferring your parking/shuttle pass(es) to.
These requests will need to be emailed to transpo@themishawaka.com.
Any transfer requests inside 24 hours will be treated as a cancellation and be nonrefundable


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