Mishawaka Parking FAQ - Mishawaka

Answers to Frequently asked Parking Questions

  • If it is the day of the show, we may not be able to answer your question via phone call OR email. Please come to the Mishawaka early to get information.
  • There are no Day of Show changes, edits, or cancellations to any shuttle or parking reservation.
  • If parking is not listed for sale for your show, it is sold out. We will not have any more spots to sell once they sell out.
  • If you can’t find your parking confirmation email, please email us and we will resend the confirmation email. (Email below)
  • You do not need your confirmation email to get parked up at the Mishawaka. All you need is the reservation name (identification is preferred).
  • If you need assistance or want to change your reservation, please email us. (Email below)
  • Refunds can only be requested 48hrs in advance of show doors. Please email us to request a refund. (Email below)
  • An oversized vehicle is a vehicle with a trailer, RV, limousine, or buses. Sprinters, Passenger trucks, and SUVs of all size are standard parking.
  • To reserve handicap parking, please purchase a regular parking pass on the website, and email transpo@themishawaka.com for a preferred handicap space next to the venue.
  • Please direct all parking questions to transpo@themishawaka.com
  • If you have any questions regarding your concert tickets, please email boxoffice@themishawaka.com