Mishawaka is proud to support local non-profit SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins. SpokesBUZZ is a non-profit dedicated to fostering and promoting Fort Collins arts and culture by building global awareness of what we have; assisting artists with promotions and high-visibility gigs; and working with local music industry partners and businesses to ensure success for all.

SpokesBUZZ is a collaborative project with a host of opportunities for community members to get involved. To learn more about how you can help build Fort Collins as a cultural destination, visit SpokesBUZZ.org

Mishawaka has renamed its indoor dancehall stage to The SpokesBUZZ Lounge where we will host smaller indoor concerts all through the year. Our vision is to help the growth of our amazing arts and cutlural economy in Northern Colorado by supporting the emerging artists and the arts community in general. Check out the listings on our ticketing page that refer to The SpokesBUZZ lounge to find out who is playing. We will also open up the lounge during some National shows to provide set change entertainment or late night shows.