Heavenly Harmonies and Twangy Tunes with Jamestown Revival - Mishawaka

Heavenly Harmonies and Twangy Tunes with Jamestown Revival

This past Wednesday, American folk duo Jamestown Revival returned to our Poudre Canyon stage, accompanied by support artist Coleman Jennings. With both acts based in Austin, Texas, they collectively delivered a unique twangy sound for a delightful summer evening filled with heavenly harmonies and divine pedal steel guitar vibratos.

While on his first tour outside of Texas, Coleman Jennings graced our stage and opened with a heartwarming acoustic set. As Jennings began playing his viral song “My First Born Home,” soothing everyone in the crowd with tranquil whistling and sincere lyrics, a bright and luminous double rainbow appeared above the hills, serving as an omen for the enchanting evening ahead.

Jennings continued his set, playing a few unreleased songs as well as his endearing song “All My Life” from his recently released EP, Wildflowers & Tears. Coleman Jennings will return to The Mishawaka on August 10th to support 49 Winchester on their Leavin’ This Holler Tour.

Jamestown Revival took to the stage with their heartwarming and sincere vibrations. The American folk duo, Zach Chance on acoustic guitar and Jonathan Clay on keyboard, was accompanied by a full band, including pedal steel guitar, organ, bass, and drums. They kicked off their performance with a couple of tunes from their most recent album, Young Man (2022), including “Northbound,” a song they described as being about stopping and pulling over to check out a double rainbow. With the perfect harmonization of organ, keys and pedal steel guitar, Zach and Jon captivated the audience with their flawlessly blended voices.

Jamestown Revival continued with a couple of songs from their nearly 10-year-old debut album “Utah,” which iTunes named the Best of 2014: Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year. These included fan favorites “Fur Coat Blues” and “Revival.” These traditional folksy blues songs, combined with the roaring sounds of the Poudre River, created a blissful and unforgettable moment.

During what they thought was the end of their set, Jamestown Revival delivered an energetic rendition of their song “Prospector Blues.” Midway through the performance, their organist, Dan Reckard, wowed the crowd with an unexpected saxophone solo. Scanning the audience, you couldn’t find a single person who wasn’t clapping, dancing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

After the band finished their performance and left the stage, the crowd cheered and begged for one more song. With the approval of our beloved stage manager, Manny Abel, Jamestown Revival returned to the stage for an unplanned encore. They expressed gratitude for our incredible venue and thanked Manny before playing a heavenly cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released.” Their bassist, Nick Bearden, joined in for the second verse, adding to the duo’s angelic harmonies.

After enjoying an evening of heartwarming, twangy tunes, fans left beaming, having witnessed the incredible talent of Jamestown Revival. No one could deny the prior appearance of the double rainbow indeed signified the magic felt at The Mishawaka this night.

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