Head For the Hills Back Again to Kick off the Summer Season - Mishawaka

Head For the Hills Back Again to Kick off the Summer Season

Tradition continued at The Mishawaka as people gathered in the canyon to hear Head for the Hills kick off the season for the 17th year this past Saturday! Their infectious combination of strings and vocals had everyone on their feet, cheering on the new season ahead of us.

The night started with high energy when Banshee Tree took stage delivering a mezmorizing setlist with indie and folk themes. Followed by Pickin’ on the Dead who not only rocked the stage with their incredible Grateful Dead covers but filled the backstage area with knee-slapping’ good jokes.

While the rain was our constant companion throughout the night, it only enhanced the beautiful views provided by the canyon and hyped the crowd as the lights seemed to reflect off the rain in every direction.

While we all kissed Winter goodbye and welcomed the start of a beautiful season surrounded by good vibes and even better music, our very own Production Assistant, Manny Abel, got to say goodbye to school as she celebrated graduating from Colorado State University with her Mish friends and family!

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