Hayes Carll with Ginger Whale 6.10.15 - Mishawaka

Hayes Carll with Ginger Whale 6.10.15

On the first Wednesday Mish show in recent history, Hayes Carll, along with opener Ginger Whale, put on an impressive show of acoustic prowess. Despite being in the middle of the work week, a considerable crowd came up the canyon to enjoy the fine weather, as well as the genre-bending act that is Hayes Carll.

The show started with Ginger Whale, a duo with matching acoustic guitars and red beards. While their songwriting was solid (My favorite was about befriending a monkey), perhaps the most notable aspect was the duo’s comedic quips in between songs. The chemistry between the two friends not only showed through their solid musical performance, but also through their humorous banter with the crowd. If they hadn’t had their instruments on stage, Ginger Whale could have easily entertained the crowd with a comedy show. These jokes led perfectly into their nonsensical and goofy tunes, which made the performance even better.

Once Ginger Whale warmed up the crowd, Hayes Carll came on stage to knock ’em dead. The performance was acoustic and twangy at times, but to say that it was  country would be inaccurate. Hayes Carll takes elements of country, folk, bluegrass, rock, and funk, and mixes it into a unique sound that anyone can enjoy.  The only thing more diverse than Hayes Carll’s music was the crowd. All walks of life could be found in the crowd that night, whether it was cowboy or hippie, conservative or liberal, stoner and/or drinker. Hayes played his slowed-down tunes, and everyone could enjoy in harmony.

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