Good Gravy gets grassy at Arise Festival Presents Canyon Roots Festival at The Mish! - Mishawaka

Good Gravy gets grassy at Arise Festival Presents Canyon Roots Festival at The Mish!

Canyon Roots Fest with Good Gravy and company… what an animal you were! Six Colorado born bluegrass and jam-grass acts took stage at the Mishawaka this weekend in what was surely our most music packed event of the summer so far. With music starting at 5pm, ending around 2am and six acts, a group of fire dancers, live painters and professional hula-hoopers, there was more than enough activity inside the Mishawaka walls on this Saturday summer solstice.
This night was a celebration of the impressive and quickly expanding bluegrass scene in Colorado. The event being jam packed with six Colorado based bluegrass and jam-grass bands truly spoke to the exciting new wave of bluegrass appreciation, displayed by each of the acts, respectively. The presence of variety in age range of musicians and concert goers alike, celebrating such a traditional, yet progressive genre of music was impressive.
Hour long sets on the outdoor stage included talented acts such as Missed the Boat, Hog Magundy, Tallgrass and Rich with Friends, while “tweener” sets took place inside the Mishawaka’s SpokezBuzz Lounge; the music never stopped! Good Gravy wrapped up what had already been a grassy, foot stompin-dance party with a dazzling light performance, fire dancers and a special guest appearance by the one and only Boots. True to their past mish performances, Good Gravy felt right at home as did their fans nestled up in the Poudre. To end the first set and to begin the second set Good Gravy launched into dance provoking, spacey jams with a tasteful use of electronic instrumentation and effects. The jam to open the second set complimented the fire dancers in a way that looked professional, and on point. With a cooperative crowd backing themselves off of the cement pad in front of the stage, the fire dancers, throwers and artist had ample space to display their skills. Needless to say were excited for next time, and we can’t wait to see what surprises come with em’!

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