Ghostland Observatory - Mishawaka

Ghostland Observatory

Wednesday, June 14, 2023… or as I like to call it, the haunting of the Mishawaka… an eerily playful and completely electric night in the canyon. A night of ghouls dressed head to toe in ominous flames, static-reminiscent lasers flickering through the midnight skies, and a poltergeist of electric, hand-locked dancing patrons flowing the night away. This past Wednesday, Ghostland Observatory brought the boogie men and women out from under their gravestones and up the Poudre Canyon to boogie all night long — it was a soul-stirring sight to see. 

The stage was set for a thrilling night by ProJect Aspect, who delivered a self-described “witchy” flow that left patrons dancing for more and cursed them with contagious smiles that set the playful undertones of the evening.

When Ghostland possessed the stage, Aaron Behren’s voice hit notes that left my ears ringing in bliss and Thomas Ross Turner’s accompanying melodies bewitched my entire body… I couldn’t keep my feet from dancing along.

The vocals and sound of Ghostland Observatory, which took control of the canyon Wednesday, are unlike any I have ever heard. And this same speculation was shared by many patrons I spoke with throughout the night. I heard endless Ghost tales of how they were the first band they saw at the Mish — and how their haunting performances always keep them coming back for more.

Even Mishawaka’s very own rocking photographer, Cody Sun, shared just how special this band is to him. He had the honor of meeting them Wednesday night, and the moments he captured depict just how utterly enchanted with passion his work is.

The night was playful… no surprise to the hauntingly-fun personality of the band. They spent the hours before their night’s onstage poltergeist playing football on the Mish lawn, adventuring around the canyon, and exploring Colorado. That same playful synergy made an appearance in each song they played, and it ushered a wave of patrons dancing along in rickety movements to the howling, shiver-inducing music that blasted across the Mish.

Ghostland Observatory taught me and many other patrons present that night that not all hauntings are chilling — sometimes they bring indescribable noises, vocals that sting the ears red with beautiful harmony, and moments that pierce the heart with that kind of communal laughter that leaves your stomach aching with joy. So, haunt us anytime Ghostland Observatory. Thanks for an utterly electric night of movement.

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