Getting that Bread with Daily Bread - Mishawaka

Getting that Bread with Daily Bread

It was a bass filled weekend up in the canyon with Daily Bread and company. Two beautiful days with great weather and great people!

Patrons enjoyed two nights of Daily Bread, starting off the weekend with A Hundred Drums and Duffrey on Friday then with Eliptek, Motifv and MURS on Saturday. The dancing did not stop either night.

Daily Bread fans did not disappoint when it came to their accessories and colorful outfits. It was fun seeing their tradition of bringing bread themed items to honor Daily Bread with. 

Not only were the sets extremely impressive but the artists were so kind, grateful and so happy to be at the Mish.

We cannot wait to see what comes next for these artists and we most definitely hope to have them at Mish again. A big thank you to everyone who came out whether day one, day two ,or both. Our patrons make these shows possible. See you next time!!

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