Get down with SoDown! - Mishawaka

Get down with SoDown!

Last weekend the Mish got down with a unique twist on the classic EDM genre with SoDown at the Mishawaka. 

In the genre’s usual fashion, SoDown showed up to a nearly sold-out two-night special. We kicked off Friday evening with an amazing set from both Krushendo and Bass Physics. With impeccable weather and no chance of rain, the crowd was incredibly thrilled to celebrate some of the best of EDM.

The crowd was completely blown away by DNMO performance on Friday, and was in complete synchronicity with his music. Another night, another set, but we could feel the energy lifting from the crowd into the hills of Mishawaka.

SoDown kicked off Saturday with a vigorous rafting trip down the canyon and came in hot ready to perform to a packed crowd.

As seen in past shows, the concert goers of the Mish’s rave-like nights arrived decked out in unforgettable costumes, makeup, and accessories (and one octopus totem pole!). That put together a colorful look to match the energy of the night.

Friday night ended off the best way it could, as SoDown visited his fans by visiting the Merch booth after his final song to show some love to the fans. In my time working at Mish I have yet to see such a sweet artist. And for the fans it was such a treat.

For night two, DeFunk, MEDUSO, and Phyphr kept the crowd engaged through all three acts with beats echoing through the canyon before SoDown finished the weekend in the same spectacular fasion. What a show, and what a night as the full lineup delivered an experience not soon to be forgotten. 

Manny Abel
Rachael Mild

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