G. Love & Special Sauce - Mishawaka

G. Love & Special Sauce

Friday night was a special night at the Mishawaka with G. Love and Special Sauce! The rain cleared just in time for support act, The Jauntee to take the stage. To prepare viewers for the hip-hop grooves to come, The Jauntee played a set filled with groovy rhythms with deep bass-lines and consistently alternated vocalists to keep the audience guessing.

Coming from Philadelphia, it was time for G. Love to make his appearance and give everyone a taste of his old-school, hip-hop style. Their laid back, hip-hop blues attitude was a relaxing change of pace that had the crowd showing love. The act featured Garret Dutton (G. Love) on guitar, harmonica, and vocals, Jeffrey Clemens on drums, and Jim Prescott on bass.

To make the night even more special, the Mishawaka staff also celebrated the 50th birthday of our beloved Alison! She keeps everyone around here in line, so it was only fitting to have a big celebration with balloons, cake, glow sticks, and of course, G. Love! We love you Allison!

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