Funky Electronic Jam Bands - SunSquabi w/ Marvel Years and Kaptain - Mishawaka

Funky Electronic Jam Bands – SunSquabi w/ Marvel Years and Kaptain

This past Friday, the electronic jam band SunSquabi joined us at the Mishawaka for a night of jamming out on the river. SunSquabi brought two supporting artists with them, Marvel Years and Kaptain. The evening started with a grooving set from a local Denver producer, Kaptain. Kaptain performed a high-energy synthesizer set with his guitarist giving the crowd some awesome electronic funky tunes!

Everyone showed up for the show in their best outfits. Despite the rain earlier in the day, nothing could stop the positive energy from the crowd that night.

As Kaptain was wrapping up his awesome beat-driven dance music set, the crowd was enjoying the wonderful evening in the Poudre Canyon. A concert-goer was even able to bring in a bubble machine and bring some good vibes into the venue.

Cory Wythe, or Marvel Years, started the next set with some electronic beats and incorporated an electronic guitar into his live set. The set was full of an awesome fusion of classic rock, electronic, jazz, and funk! Cory Wythe is a Vermont-based artist, and is known for his awesome ability to remix and blend different sounds together! 

As Marvel Years was finishing his set, the energy from the crowd was electric. Sunsquabi was the final and headlining set of the evening, and they were just about to start!

SunSquabi is an electronic jam band from Denver, Colorado! The band is made up of Kevin Donohue on guitar, Josh Fairman on the synthesizer, and Chris Anderson on the drums! The band has been selling out shows all around the USA!

SunSquabi had a laser show, and with the lights bouncing off the canyon walls, it created the perfect atmosphere for an awesome night!

At the end of the night, SunSquabi finished the funky set, closing the night off with some awesome jams! Making it an unforgettable night for everyone!


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