Funk Your Face Fest! Kung Fu - Juno What!? - Euforquestra - Punch Drunk Munky Funk - Mishawaka

Funk Your Face Fest! Kung Fu – Juno What!? – Euforquestra – Punch Drunk Munky Funk

The Mishawaka was aiming for some funk. No! Wait! Let us rephrase that…we were looking to create one of the freshest, juiciest and funkiest nights to hit the venue this season. And we wanted it to be a night of such epic proportions that we couldn’t have just one….not just two…but FOUR of the funkiest bands we could grab!

July 26th at the legendary Mish brought Punch Drunk Munky Funk, Euforquestra, Juno What!? and Kung Fu for a continuation of the Funk Your Face Fest. Needless to say, each band killed it but in their own unique way. Every member was so excited to hop on stage and show the crowd what their band was bringing to the table that evening.

Fort Collins locals Punch Drunk Munky Funk took the stage first to an anxious crowd.  The 5-piece ensemble quickly made it clear that they were not there to “munky” around. Driven by groovy guitar riffs and upbeat percussion, Punch Drunk proved they were there to make a statement and leave a footprint on everyone’s mind for the rest of the night.

Euforquestra was next on the lineup. It was awesome enough that these six badass musicians graced The Mishawaka, but for the band, well they wanted to add just a bit more spice to the night.  Saxophonist Jonathan Stewart, Matt “FUNKMA$TER” Grundstad on percussion and vocalist Kim Dawson joined the ranks to create a super group that shook the canyon walls throughout their entire set! The crowd was on their feet and moving to many of the bands tracks from their 2014 released album “Fire.” Pure funk and fun describe these guys as they jammed out the Mishawaka for the festival.

There is no easy way to describe how unbelievably great Juno What!? was that night. These Denver natives brought their funky, disco driving jams to a packed Mishawaka crowd and they couldn’t have been more ecstatic to be playing at the Mish for another year! And what more can you say about their signature white tracksuits…? How about the fact that they pair exceptionally well with a night full of booty shaking beats and synths! And that is exactly what they did! They turned the Mishawaka crowd into a regular group of funk dancing experts. Not a single person could have sat still through their set, not even our employees could hold back from the funky tunes produced by the masterminds of Juno What!?

Last but certainly not least the Mish welcomed Kung Fu, a group of 5 hailing from Connecticut who were determined to end the festival in the most effective way possible. Their objective was simple. Drop the jaws and captivate them all! The high-energy performance behind Kung Fu was the perfect ending to a night of pure entertainment. These guys floored it and took control of the crowd right from the start. It was easy to spot how well these guys were at their jobs. Instead of the crowd growing tired or weary from a night of endless dancing, they only revamped their moves and let Kung Fu’s music feed their inner most animals! Funky solos accompanied every member of Kung Fu and the amount of fun they were having on stage could be said the same for every individual in the crowd.

After 6 full hours of music, Funk Your Face Fest finally came to a close. The bands and fans were both worn out but they knew it was a sign of ultimate satisfaction and success!

Until next year you funky fans you!

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