Fruition & Grant Farm w/ Gipsy Moon 5.24.15 - Mishawaka

Fruition & Grant Farm w/ Gipsy Moon 5.24.15


Merch sellers are all smiles!

grantAnother stellar night at the Mish! Sunday night brought excellent music, cold weather, and slap-happy fans. The opening season sure has been a wet and chilly one, all the more reason to try and keep warm by dancing the night away with good friends and excellent music! Opening act Gipsy Moon started the crowd off on a perfect note, with exceptional folk music that rang throughout the canyon with raw acoustic sounds. Vocalist Mackenzie Page and her talented voice amplified the amazing music coming from the five-piece unconventional band. With a double headliner, Grant Farm & Fruition, the music continued into the late night, overtaking bodies and capturing everyone’s hearts. Grant Farm enticed the crowd with a combination of electric guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard, creating blistering jams. Twang-rock is the perfect way to describe the sounds coming from their voices and instruments, splendid for a guaranteed good time! Fruition joined Grant Farm onstage, in light of their recent collaboration EP, Meeting on the Mountain, creating a truly magical moment. The members of Fruition and Grant Farm fed off of one another, the music and energy lifted the crowd and the unique collaboration established a harmonic vibe. Fruition then finished the amazing night. The string-infused quintet delivered an indescribable performance, leaving the crowd satisfied with their hours spent in the cold!

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