Fruition, Banshee Tree, and Certainly So - Mishawaka

Fruition, Banshee Tree, and Certainly So

This past Friday may have started with hours of rain but the skies cleared just in time to welcome Fruition, Banshee Tree, and Certainly So to the Mishawaka Stage. The night started with a groovy set by Certainly So whose vocals carried beautifully throughout the canyon.

After their stunning performance, Banshee Tree took the stage wowing the crowd with the perfect combination of violin, bass, and guitar, and the incredibly talented Michelle Pietrafetta who absolutely killed it on the drums.

Last but never least, the highly anticipated Fruition took the crowd by storm with their mesmerizing tunes. Their music ignited the crowd with energy as they danced and sang the night away to both newer and older jams. This three-act night was one I, and everyone in attendance, will certainly never forget.


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