Friday the 13th at The Mishawaka with Kyle Hollingsworth Band - Mishawaka

Friday the 13th at The Mishawaka with Kyle Hollingsworth Band

This past Friday the 13th at the Mishawaka was a bone-chilling, awe-inspiring one as we had the pleasure of having not only the incredible Kyle Hollingsworth Band but The Sweet Lillies and Andy Thorn and Friends accompanying them.

The Sweet Lillies took to the stage first and delivered an incredible opening set. Their music set the tone for the night and had everyone dancing. It was so mesmerizing that, you could almost forget how cold of a night it was grooving along to their songs.

Up next, Andy Thorn and Friends continued the vibe of the evening with beautiful music including originals and covers. Within their set was a personal favorite of mine, a cover of the late Mac Miller’s song. Dunno, performed in their own banjo-strumming twist.

Last, but never least, the oh-so-talented, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, had even the Poudre River jamming along to their music. Kyle, as always, played the piano with his whole heart while his accompanying musicians gave their all alongside him to give the Mishawaka fans a night they’ll surely never forget. It was a night full of talented musicians, dancing and smiling that absolutely crushed any bad vibes Friday the 13th tried to send our way.

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