Fortunate Youth Closes Out the 2022 Season - Mishawaka

Fortunate Youth Closes Out the 2022 Season

Music shook the Mishawaka hills one last time, closing out the 2022 Season. On Saturday our crew hosted our three final bands; Joe Samba, Arise Roots and Fortunate Youth. This Reggae crew has been on tour together for sometime, unlike most of our concerts where support is booked locally.

Joe Samba opened up the show for a short 30 min set. From talking with the members, the band originated in Charleston, South Carolina, however the bassist has only recently joined their crew.

Arise Roots followed Joe Samba, with lead singer Karim Isreal captivating and uniting his audience. Arise Roots started in Los Angeles, California and are known and praised for the high quality production of their music and sound. 

Finally, Fortunate Youth came on with so much passion. It was so incredible to hear the trumpet and saxophone combined with Reggae, clearly setting apart these performers from most local Reggae bands.

They also finished their set by bringing back the bass player of Joe Samba and singer of Arise Roots which goes to show how close knit they all are.

It was truly amazing to see the responsiveness of the fans and watching everyone sing all of the words with big smiles from ear to ear. There was definitely love spread and magic in the air! 

A big thank you to the Mishawaka Family, from the venue crew, to the restaurant crew, and everyone who has been a part of making these shows possible. I can proudly speak on behalf of the interns that this has been the most educational, and impactful experience we have been a part of. It would not be possible without the values and visions of this company and the people who embody them.

Thank you, and on to the next journey!


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